** NEW** ES SURVEY RESULTS- May 17, 2014 (39 Respondents)

We have now had 39 people respond the the ES Survey on SurveyMonkey. The full results are available here, including all comments from the respondents. This is lengthy, but informative!

Complete ES Survey Results May 2014

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Thank you, Ang.

Thank you!!

Thanks so much for doing this Ang! It is so informative on many levels - the most profound is how powerfully it conveys to each of us that we are not alone in this frustrating experience. There are others who understand!

Thank you so much for the survey. I am new to the ES site. Reading about others who have gone through the same pain, multiple doctors, and misdiagnoses that I have, and got better after surgery, makes me feel encouraged and empowered. I’m going to keep advocating for myself! I’d like to see a media release about ES to help raise patient’s and doctor’s awareness. We should not have to suffer because the medical profession does not know about ES! I am thinking of sending a note and article on ES to all the doctors I saw who missed the diagnosis. Maybe it will help raise their awareness.

I agree so much with you Mare about ES and missed by so many docs. I suffered in excrutiating pain 6 years and was blown off by multiple Drs or missed diagnosed. I lost my quality of life, my job, and ruined relationships in my life. I feel the way I was treated was horrific. I am wanting to write a letter to my state medical board that licenses physicians. Each state medical board decides what will be on the board exam. Maybe if everyone compiles their story and possible copy of images this might bring awareness to each other’s state medical board. I am now recovering and feeling ready to bring awareness. Is anybody else interested to write to each other state medical board??

ES Survey Results.pdf (120.7 KB)
The original link to this survey results has been lost in the switchover; I had saved the first lot of results myself, so have uploaded these. It’s only 20 respondents in this survey though, but it’s good info and gives you an idea of the commonest symptoms, and the variety!