Survey Results

ES Survey Results.pdf (120.7 KB)
One of our members, Ang1, organised a survey on survey monkey a while ago. The results were published at the time in a discussion, but unfortunately with the switchover the link seems to have been lost. So this is a copy of the results. It was only a small survey though; just 20 people, but well worth reading to see the variety of symptoms we have!
Thanks Ang1 for organising this!


Is there a way for me to organize another survey? I’m an Eagles patient now waiting for surgery, but also writing a research article in the physical therapy field to help inform about Eagles. Is there a contact list? Thanks for your help.

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When it was done before, the member used survey monkey maybe?, & just posted a link in the discussion they started I think. So you could try that?

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Thank you!

I just read your symptoms list & many of them definitely sound like they could be from ES. I’m sorry you’ve had so
Many failed surgeries in the past especially if ES is truly what’s causing the problems. Hoping you can pursue surgery soon so you can begin healing in earnest.

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