New here what imaging should I get

Hi- my neurologist has agreed to order some imaging when my CT C spine showed calcification of styloid ligament. I don’t know if he really knows what to ask for. Do I want a CTA CTV, MRA MRV there are so many tests I dont understand the difference. I want to see if my jugular and carotid are affected as I have symptoms of high CSF and low CSF issues, I was investigated for a CSF leak already. HELP.

A head and neck CT scan with contrast will show the soft tissues as well as the styloids. The key to seeing if there is compression is being allowed to have your head in the position that causes your possible vascular symptoms to flare up i.e. head turned right or left, looking up or down, or in diagonal directions. If you are seeing a doctor who is experienced with ES &/or vascular compression, that doctor will know the proper type of scan to order. Even if the neurologist can’t diagnose you for sure, getting a second opinion from one of the doctors on our list could be very helpful. Dr. Milligan in Phoenix is one of the most experienced ES surgeons on our list. He would be a good person to follow-up with.