New medical article supporting ES for PT’s, Chiro and Osteopathic practitioners

This article sites a much larger prevalence of ES in the population with specific comment on vascular complications.

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Thanks for sharing; looks very interesting, good that there’s more awareness being raised about ES, & interesting that they think it’s more prevalent than the usual figures!

This looks interesting. tell me if I am doing something wrong. This link only allows access to abstract and can only get full version of article by purchasing? thanks

That is correct. You may be able to get your local reference librarian to pull it for you, that is how i get the majority of articles that have limited institutional access without paying :wink:

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Just received the full article and it is spectacular albeit 56 pages long :wink: Excellent review of anatomy with diagrams and imaging

ES premanipulative vascular dysf precautions.pdf (2.2 MB)


Woo hoo! Thank you. I just started reading it. Luv it. It will take me a while to slog through it but I like this level of detail.
Amazing factoid: 3 out of 4 with TMD (Tempomandibular Joint Dysfunction) are believed to have elongated styloid.