WESTBROOK et al. (2020) - Eagle's syndrome, elongated styloid process and new evidence for pre-manipulative precautions for potential cervical arterial dysfunction -- Doctor info and research article

Hi all,
When searching for a surgeon, skull base ENT otolaryngologist surgeons should be able to do this surgery in any location. They commonly remove tumors and work in oncology departments, so are difficult to get appointments with.

I have recently published research on Eagle’s syndrome. I had it, had surgeries, alleviated my symptoms and now continue to work on publishing research in this area. Feel free to look up my research or contact me for full article or if any questions.

Here is an updated link that should provide the full article: https://emergeortho.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/1-s2.0-S2468781220301399-main-2.pdf

My email is awestbrook@methodmanualpt.com. This website helped me when I was in a bad place and I’d love to give back.



Thank you for the information & link to your research paper. I started to read it & thought I’d reply here before finishing.

Who did your ES surgery i.e. was it someone from our US Doctors’ List or someone we can add? I also had two successful ES surgeries but know that not everyone fares so well.

Thank you for coming back to this forum in support of our members. It’s feels so good to give back.

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I actually came across this abstract before the publication came out, it is FABULOUS thank you! I am a PT and immediately shared it with my staff and long time colleagues which was very helpful from a physical therapy clinical perspective. I will email you directly but wanted to say here thank you for all of the very hard work that went into this, it will be helpful in ways far beyond what you can imagine.

Hope you continue to recover and are able to further this work.
Be well!

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That’s great that you’ve published an article to raise awareness! We have a section for research papers so have moved it into there. We do suggest that members see skull base surgeons/ otolaryngologists, &/or head & neck cancer surgeons if there’s no-one on the list.
Really glad that you found the site helpful- hope you’re getting on with your life now?


Thank you! Yes, symptoms have cleared and working on some more research in the same area. I’ll share as able.

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Dr. Cognetti performed both of my surgeries. I live in North Carolina, and have finally found a group of doctors at UNC who perform styloidectomies as well, in the Raleigh/Durham area. I’m glad you did so well with your surgeries!

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Fantastic! Love the addition to the peer-reviewed literature!!

Hi Awest,

If the doctor’s you’ve found are Dr. Hackman & Dr. Patel, we do have them on our list and have been keeping Dr. Hackman very busy of late. I’m glad your surgery w/ Dr. Cognetti had such positive results!



Link to full research paper: https://emergeortho.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/1-s2.0-S2468781220301399-main-2.pdf