Newbie here - anyone else with tremors?

I am so grateful to have found this forum. I’ve been reading many posts over the last few weeks, and am amazed at the knowledge and information. Thank you all so much!

My journey with this started about 2 years ago with a tremor in my left hand and arm that eventually included my left leg. I have been to so many doctors, chiropractors, functional neurologists, etc, been screened and tested for almost everything, clear MRI, took boatloads of suggested supplements for Epstein Barr (and other viruses), heavy metals, and mycotoxins… none of which touched the symptoms. Symptoms which, on top of the tremors, include tinnitus (which I believe was probably the first symptom… been dealing with “my crickets” for years), a few vertigo attacks, constant ear fullness, neck and back pain and discomfort, and the constant feeling of “something” in my neck (left side). When the tremors started, I intuitively felt that they were due to a neck issue, which no one agreed with.

This past summer, I contacted Dr. Ross Hauser in Florida after seeing some of his videos about tremors and cervical instability. After my first visit, he ordered another MRI and CT venograms and angiograms of my head and neck, as he saw possible styloid issues on the xrays. I am grateful for that, as he was able to clearly identify elongated styloids (4+ cm) and significant IJV compression on the left side between the styloid and C1 (I also have a “military neck”). He believes the catalyst for all of this could have happened 6 years ago when I fell over my dog while running and landed face first on the sidewalk (I was amazed I wasn’t terribly injured… but maybe I was!). He was hopeful that prolotherapy and curve correction would help C1 enough to make a difference. After 3 treatments, I have noticed a slight difference in the tremors, but not enough. They do settle when I sleep (thank goodness!) and sometimes when I meditate. They definitely peak with anxiety (lots of that lately). I also have what is basically a repetitive motion injury in my left thumb joint (due to the tremors) that is so painful. I also at times notice some numbness and tingling on my left side when I get up during the night. I have a phone meeting with Dr Hauser this Wednesday where we will talk about his recommendation for plan B - a styloidectomy.

Before all of this, I was very active… running, hiking, loving my work, and singing professionally. I have had to make serious adjustments at work (and stopped doing workshops which I loved), stopped running, and have stopped singing on stage… can’t do that with half my body shaking. I just want my life back… I so want to feel good again. And I’d love to be able to hold and care for my new grandson without pain and shaking.

Thank you all for listening. Grateful to be here with you. :heart:

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It’s so hard when you’ve been an active person & then have to stop; I loved cycling but it was impossible with the vascular symptoms I had. (I had bilateral IJV compression by the styloids, although there was no C1 involvement)
Dr Hauser has been great diagnosing quite a few members with ES, although there are very mixed reviews about whether the prolotherapy helps, and it has made some worse…
As you have vascular ES, it would be a good idea to see one of the doctors experienced with that, but it might be a bit of a trip…Dr Constantino in NY or Dr Hepworth in CO are good doctors to see, Dr Larry Lo NY & others have seen Dr Fargen in NC.
It does depend a bit on whether it is more the C1 process causing the issue rather than the styloid though, as this may need shaving…
Let us know how you get on with Dr Hauser!


@DeeCeeNorth - Tremors w/ ES seem to be a relatively new topic on our forum. Though they’ve been mentioned in the past, we never thought they were connected to ES, but we have at least 2 other current members who are having that problem now - @GodisAWESOME & @Leresa. See this discussion:

I’m sorry for your terrible symptoms but am also hopeful that you’ll recover as fully as possible once your styloids are removed & your IJVs are decompressed.