Not clenching but a jaw tremble when sleeping - anyone have this?

I have been told that some of my symptoms are TMJ and I definitely have pain/soreness that relates to TMJ. I have been waking up in the middle of the night and paying close attention to see if I grind or clench. What I have found is that my jaw, in an open position, actually trembles - my teeth never touch but it's very disturbing and I feel so much tension while this is happening. I believe this is somehow related to the position of my neck and I can get some relief by repositioning myself.

Is this just me? Please let me know if you have this symptom too. Thanks!

BTW - Waiting a couple more days for my pre-authorization for CAT-Scan with contrast of neck for Dr. Cognetti.


I have awakened with that “shuddering” of my jaw. Since my surgery I seem to have more TMJ symptoms…not sure if I need to see my Dentist or my Surgeon. When it happens I don’t seem to be clenching or grinding either. I keep thinking everything is trying to go back to its normal position …whatever that is or was before Eagles. Let me know if you find out anything.

I haven't had surgery. I just feel like this is a progressively worsening situation - if it's Eagle's or not for me. Last night my jaw didn't shake but a shutters from the roof of my mouth into my throat and into the base of my neck at the back of my scull. It didn't hurt it was just somewhere between a tremor and pulsating. Disturbing new symptom but not painful.

Hi there,

Three years ago, my jaw repositioned itself 2x in the middle of the night. My jaw slammed down so hard pinching a nerve and it triggered eagles as well. It took me over 2 yrs to make sure I don't clench my teeth. I took Vtamin B, Vitamin D and magnesium every day to help with inflammation. See an Oral surgeon and get a night guard. This will help you.

In my case..once I took care of my TMJ issues then my Eagles became better. I'm currently on cymbalta for fibromyalgia 20mg. It takes care of all my issues.

Find wellness and take care,


Hello my name is Ann and if you look up my story you can read the long road I have been on. I was diagnosied with bi lateral eagle syndrome and atypical facial pain. I have the operation on the outside of my left side several years ago. I have learned some very important lessons along the way. Tight muscles seem to be the cause of my pain. I am in amazement that no one in the 20 plus doctors ever noticed how tight my facial, neck and back and lower body muscles were so tight. My pain gets worse if I sit with out good posture, sleep wrong or strain my neck in any way. This means no lifting no washing a lot of dishes and no vacuuming......

Though Chriopractic treatments work for some people to end their facial pain and neck pain I could never hold the adjustments because my muscles are just that tight. I found a special advanced massage treatment called myo kinesthetic which has help me a lot. I have also seen hundreds of people helped with this treatment this winter when I volunteered at the clinic for a few hours each day helping other understand the work they do.

A chiropractor invented the treatment his name is DR. Mike and if you google him with myokinesthetic you will find his website and youtube videos. My therapist was Stephanie Hunter in Jupiter Florida she is the only one I can personally recommend.

So many of us have tight muscles and though I don't fully understand the cause and effect of the body I can tell you that when my muscles tighten my pain increases. I have been through the TMJ doctor as well and sleep with a bite plate each night which keeps me from grinding my teeth, I believe it is helpful. I also have found a way to sleep and the key for me is that I need to sleep on my side with a body pillow next to me. It may sound silly but lay in bed on your side and see if this could be a problem for you - when laying on my side with out the body pillow my shoulder shifts down towards the bed and this shoulder roll some how causes my pain to start in my jaw. It is the twist of my shoulder that caused my jaw problems.....I know it sounds strange but after I adjusted this I sleep 8 hours a night and no pain in the morning. I keep a full length body pill on both sides of my bed so I am either on my back or on my side supported.

I hope this is helpful......the last 8 years of my life has been very frustrating and every day I seem to meet more and more people who have been living in pain and go through tons of tests with no real answer.

Good luck and I sent you a friend request if you ever want to write me personally.