One Step At A Time

Hi Friends!

Well, today I went to see my regular Dr. to get a referral to an ENT in Louisville! That's one step forward in my search for relief from ES! :) I also went to get my CT on disk from the hospital, but their disk maker/machine was down, so I couldn't get it. :(

My next appointment will be Dec, 16th with the ENT.

I also got an appointment with the Eye Dr. So that's great!

I'm glad for all that, but at the same time for some reason all my symptoms have been so much worse today. Here is the list of what I've been experiencing today:

  • Sharp poking feeling in throat. Very prominent, more then usual
  • Base of head/top of neck, left side; pain and pressure radiating to right side to behind right ear.
  • Left sided headache (its seems so weird to have a one sided headache:)
  • Center back of head to the left, sharp pain radiating upwards and to the left (this one bothers me. I think its strange.???)
  • Pressure, slight pain above left eye, moving upwards to meet with pain at back of head
  • Pressure/pain behind left ear, more then usual
  • Sore/aching neck and shoulder on left side
  • Increased need to swallow, more then usual. Caused Dry mouth
  • Vision seemed to be blurry, but not at the same time. ???

I have noticed that if I allow myself to get hungry, everything related to ES seems much worse. This makes calorie counting a lot worse! :) And loosing the extra pounds as I can't allow myself to get hungry. I'm trying to loose/maintain my weight this winter, so SparkPeople Ap is my friend. :)

But, does anyone else notice their symptoms worsening when they get hungry???

A couple years ago, every time I went to bed hungry I would get the feeling AND the sound of sand pouring down the left side of my throat. I know this just had to be related to ES, but I don't have that anymore, thankfully. :) However, every time I had that happen, if I ate something it would go away, along with my gaging....

I will keep you all updated as things progress!


I do notice symptoms are worse when I'm hungry (not at all good for will power and dieting- and I can't exercise at all with the vascular symptoms!!); I've always just put it down to just noticing it more then, whereas if I'm distracting myself with other things, the pain is less noticeable! Some of the pains in your head sound like neuralgia- the styloids can compress nerves to the face, and any muscle knots, maybe from being in pain and getting tense, can also compress nerves. I used to get a lot of occipital neuralgia- up the back of my head and over the top- which was caused by a big muscle knot in the back of my neck, I think. Treating that with warmth, gentle stretches and ibuprofen has helped that.

It's funny how symptoms can come and go a bit, suddenly worsen etc.; a lot of members find that. My right side has been worse recently.

Hope that the wait for these appts doesn't seem too long....

For all my life i always get the head acks on one side of head i always thought that was migraine. Yes i again all my life if i get hungry i need to eat if i don’t i get really sick like migranes or that one sided head ack and thorw up it horribul. If you trying to watch your weight and have to eat when hungry if swallowing is not issue stick with fresh veggies and fruits even cook fresh veggies it is healthy and solve the hunger. I do notice the throat feeling tight or that senstion of something stuck lump i thought it was becouse i was not swallowing keeping throat muscles working.

I noticed the one sided headaches as well. I have bi-lateral but my right side was worse. Left side headaches though.