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I need gallbladder surgery on Friday Dr said because my eagles is classified to hyiod bone my throat could swell closed or my eagles get worse after surgery because of the breathing tube. Has any one herd of this or had other surgery while they still have not had styliods out?

I had a tumor removed from my parathyroid when I had Eagles but didn't know it yet and I didn't have any problems.

I've had 4 Eagles surgeries and also had a disc removed from my neck after the 2nd styloid surgery and before the last 2 styloid surgeries with no problems, but I know that's not the same situation you're in.

I've never heard of what you're asking about, but maybe you could do a search on the forum to see if you can find anyone mentioning anything like this.

Thank You
I called the Dr.in North Carolina i seen for eagles he said i should not have issue the nurse from hospital called me today said they have fiberotics and special things they can use. I know soon as this gallbladder is out i going in to get these eagles out and pray i will be back to normal

That sounds good that they are prepared for any potential problems. Good luck on the gallbladder surgey and best wishes for future styloid removal!

Perhaps he's thinking that the position of the neck they have to put you in for intubation could aggravate your throat more.

Hope that the surgery goes well, and will pray for a swift recovery and for a date as soon as you can for the styloids to be removed. So sorry that you're having so much to get through....

I had several surgeries while suffering from Eagles before it was diagnosed. I even had my thyroid removed and the surgery was in the same vicinity of the hyoid. No problems with it. Good luck on the gallbladder surgery.

Ok, first things first, I have both Eagles and Hyoid Syndrome. All you need is a letter from your ENT telling them to keep your neck in "neutral" positioning. I have had my knee done, my ankle, my "gal bladder" as well as three major reconstructive surgeries to my left arm. It can cause pain but if your ent or you tell anesthesiologist to keep head in nuteral positioning you'll be fine... mine is still calcified and it never caused swelling.....

Thank you sooo much!

Had my gull surgery. My throat is soo tight sore mayb the tube and the fact i was throwing up

Hope that you heal quickly, and sorry that you've had more to deal with... praying for you and god Bless.

Glad your gallbladder surgery is behind you! I hope your throat is beginning to feel better today. I was given Prednisone after my styloidectomy to keep my throat from getting too swollen. They worked very well. You might ask your doctor for something like that if you continue to have problems.

Throwing up may have been caused by the anesthesia. When you have your ES surgery, ask them to put anti-nausea medication in your IV both during surgery and after you wake up. It will make a big difference.

I'm praying for you, too!

Gods blessing said:

Had my gull surgery. My throat is soo tight sore mayb the tube and the fact i was throwing up

I'm so sorry to hear you had such a hard time after surgery. I'm very thankful you are feeling better today, God's blessing! I hope your recovery continues in a forward direction without any setbacks!

I'm praying for you!