Partially calcified styloid?

Got my 2014 MRI from TBI. I was looking at it and noticed something that looks like a partially calcified styloid. Strangely I cannot find this on current MRI. Does this look like one to you?

Have to say I’m not sure, the styloids/ calcified ligaments don’t usually show up well on a MRI…

I’m in Jules’ camp re styloids not showing up well on MRIs. Also,I’m not sure what part of your neck/skull I’m looking at or where the styloid actually would be. If anything, it might be a partially calcified ligament, but w/o some sort of further anatomical guidance, I’m a bit in the dark.

That is side view right behind ear hole opening just as jaw is coming into view. It is where the ligament would be and based on color black/white it sure seems like a partially calcified ligament. I can’t think of anything else that would be there and look like that.

Ah! That makes more sense & yes, I agree with your assessment.