Planning on surgery

Hi! I’m planning on having surgery soon. My surgeon is planning on removing my right calcified styloid ligament and part of the hyoid bone with a tendon release. I had a foot surgery in January and already used up all my FMLA for the year. I will have to exhaust my pto to have this surgery to stay employed. I am the Store Manager at a high volume Victoria’s Secret (very fast paced retail). How much time should I plan on taking off? Best case to worst case scenarios?
Thanks in advanced!
Ps this site has been FANTASTIC!

Glad you’ve found the site helpful, and glad that you’re able to have surgery!
It’s difficult to say how long you’ll need off, as it does vary a lot; different surgeons do the op slightly differently. I’m guessing that yours will be external, as you’re having the calcified ligaments and maybe the hyoid bone process removed, so that could well be a bigger incision than some members have had. I know quite a few members have been back to work within a couple of weeks, but others have needed longer recoveries. I found with my first surgery my neck was very stiff to turn, so didn’t feel happy to drive for 3 weeks, and lifting anything much would set pain off for the first month. But the second surgery was easier. The actual incisions were the same, the SP’s the same size, so I’m not sure why the difference, but the side I had done first was the more painful side…
Sorry to not be more helpful, hopefully others can chip in with their experiences!

Most people can go back to work 2 weeks after surgery. Worst case scenario would probably be a couple of months & best case would be a week after surgery although your job sounds somewhat stressful so I’d plan on 2 weeks off at least.
Do you know why your surgeon is planning to take off part of your hyoid bone? Is your styloid elongated at all or is your only problem the calcified ligament?

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Glad to hear you are signed up for surgery so quickly, most people have suffered for so long before they get diagnosed and even longer before the get surgery. You are truly fortunate. I have had both sides removed and it took me 2 weeks to return to work after having external surgery with full styloid removal and hyoid ligament removal, I haven’t heard of anyone have the hyoid bone removed even partly - did they tell you why?