Surgery advice - how long off work?

Hi all,

I’m booked for surgery (right side styloidectomy for vascular Eagle’s and carotid impingement) on September 12th. How long were you off of work afterwards? My job requires a lot of desk time, meetings, and decision-making. So I’m hoping to take off as much time as needed in order to go back in good shape without pain… Just wondering what you all did.


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Glad you have a date for surgery, not too long away now!
I think for a desk job at least 2 weeks, healing does vary, we’ve had a couple of members who were working from home go back much earlier than that, but if you have much of a commute that might make you really tired, if you have to talk much on the phone or in meetings it’ll really aggravate things after surgery…I was lucky & was doing voluntary work, I did have to lift little ones about so I took a month off because of that.
That’s all for external surgery though, if you have intra-oral recovery is longer.
Sorry, this might not be helpful, all quite vague! Will pray for a successful surgery!


If you are a Diabetic on top of dealing with ES, it probably will take awhile longer…I had intra-surgery and had both sides done at the same time and…my physician also removed my tonsils at the same time. I took a leave of absence without pay for about 4 months. I was one of the lucky ones because I had a husband who worked and he kept us going.

I healed very slowly but, I needed all that time off because I was exhausted! Once I got better and I had some good days and some bad days, I got stronger. I no longer have the poking in the back of my throat nor, do I feel like a heaviness in my neck.

I hope that you do well with your surgery and stay close to this blog because you’ll need the encouragement when you are having difficulty after surgery.



Since your job is pretty demanding, you might consider going back part-time at first or seeing if you can work from home so you can better regulate your days & take rest time as needed. Some of our members have taken the first month off after surgery.

ES surgery is more serious than many people realize & healing can be a bit slow, but we’re all different so some heal faster than others. I think the information @Jules gave you is good & wise to consider.

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@Ashnwest - You’re still in early recovery. It may take a couple of months or more for that feeling to go away. I’m really sorry, but I can’t remember if you have bilateral ES, but if so, that sensation may stick around until your other styloid is removed.