Possible Eagles Shown on Scan

Good Evening,

I have uploaded some snips of a scan I had a few years ago. The pain has somewhat worsened. Is it possible that the styloid can grow over time?

How do I upload the pictures as it says I am unable to upload media? Would love to get your guys thoughts.

We’ve had this problem intermittently. You can copy and paste directly into the message as an option.

Sharon from ModSupport


That doesnt work either


I have the same problem. To upload images now, I have to click on each one, drag it from my computer desktop & drop it in the text box here. I would be happy to give an opinion about your images.

Styloids can grow more over time &/or they can get thicker or more curved. Also, the stylohyoid ligaments can calcify further as well & this causes worsening of ES symptoms. Did you ever have surgery?

GOOD JOB!! It worked! Your styloids are quite long. They both look thick & the right one looks pointed. It also looks like you may have calcification of your stylohyoid ligament beyond the tip of your right styloid. Can’t see the ligament on the left side.

Ouchie! They’re really angled forward too, very nasty point on the end! Good job getting them uploaded…