Possible stroke sign on CT?

So, this time I am with CTAs and a question.
What could it be? Looks like a calcification, but what could be the reason?.. Stroke? Just a normal deposit of calcium? Thrombosis and subsequent calcification?

The same side where my IJV is either atrophied (was still flowing in 2019 but not anymore on CTAs), or got totally obstructed/compressed.

Btw had this since 2020 for sure, when my left IJV “closed” on CTAs between the skull base and down two inches

I’m not a Dr nor a radiologist and could be totally wrong, but isn’t that an arachnoid cyst? Do they say anything about it in your report?

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Nope, they don’t say anything on the report about this. It’s Canada :confused:


Lol I did not know that about Canada. Maybe someone else can chime in but if you’re referring to that white spot then looks very similar to mine which is an arachnoid cyst and is usually benign.


Yeah, the white spot.
Shouldn’t an arachnoid cyst look dark (water-sack) on the CT, like in Arachnoid cyst - Wikipedia ?

Mine looks like a 10mm x 5mm x 3mm size bone in the place where some blood-carrying structure is on the opposite side.

That is concerning, @vdm, but I have no idea what it could be. Wish I knew more so I could be helpful. :thinking:

According to this article, calcification is in the brain is normal : Normal intracranial calcifications | Radiology Reference Article | Radiopaedia.org
I don’t think thrombus normally shows up hyper-intense on CT, but I’m not a doctor. I think you should ask your doctor to ask the radiologist aboot this eh.

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I will do for sure, hopefully I’ll have the answer this summer :joy:


I enjoy your sense of humor & ability to laugh at the things about the Canadian medical system that make you want to cry. Laughter is always better, but tears can also be cathartic. Hoping you get your answer sooner than later!

Here’s a picture of what my arachnoid cyst looks. Now that I think about it, I wonder if this has anything to do with my IIH.

Or next summer? :open_mouth:
Sorry, I haven’t got the experience to help you- you’re one on our experts…

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Hm… Yours look like a white spot too. Was it confirmed to really be just an arachnoid cyst via MRI?..
The more online pics I see, the more they show those cysts are black on CT :thinking:
And yes, it seems they might be the cause of idiopathic iih…

This was on my report.

Redemonstrated small arachnoid cyst within the anteromedial aspect of the left
middle cranial fossa. No acute intracranial findings. No enhancing lesions.

I had a few MRI and all of them said it’s an arachnoid cyst.

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@vdm as you know we are not doctors or radiologists so whatever we say needs to be taken with a grain of salt. I think I agree with you guys, it does appear to be calcification and it is not surprising in your case given the extensive calcification that you had on your Styloid ligament. Perhaps, you are prone to calcifications in general who knows.

Now if you had brain hemorrhage stroke (brain bleeding), you will have iron deposits (Hemosiderin) easily detectable on MRI/CT scans. Ischemic stroke does not cause bleeding so you will have flow voids I suppose.

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