Post-op Issues

Not sure if this is normal or not - hoping you can help.

1 week post op - extra oral

Have a big knot under the scar and it is hard as a rock. Sensitive to touch. Very sore throat-but I was expecting that. That doesn't bother me as much as the nausea. I just don't feel well. No vomiting, but very lightheaded. Some cold sweats during the day and slight difficulty urinating. Contacted my doctor today but haven't heard back. Likely that all this is normal, but just want to check. I feel terrible.

Sorry to hear that you are having a rough time :(

I would definitely call them back if you don't hear from them.

After my surgery it felt like a goose egg. After the swelling went down a bit if felt more like a rope down the length of the incision and it is getting smaller each week. (5 weeks for me yesterday)

Are you icing? Is it hot to the touch or bright red?

I was lightheaded and had some nausea (but I was that way before)

Are you getting any sleep?

Are you drinking plenty of fluids?

Also a little bit of activity is ok but if you do too much it actually causes more swelling. (per surgeron)

Hang in there hopefully they call you back soon!


Sorry to post again.....

You can also try calling an advice/ triage nurse......Hospital, or some insurance companies have 24hr nurse lines.

What drugs did they give you for pain? get something stronger that numbs you better don’t be afraid to ask your recovering from surgery tell them your in pain they can prescribe it over the phone the number the better during recovery