A quick update

Hi all!

Its been 4 months since surgery, I feel awesome! Still tinnitus but hardly ever pain. Please feel free to email me directly on Eloisetablet@gmail.com as I do experience problems on this web page. I also work 5 days a week with long hours which does not give me much free time, but I am happy to reply yo anyone.

I am not having my left side done for the moment ;)

Take care.

did you have it fully removed or just reduced? from neck or throat?

Hi mt83 Dr Sam removed all of the styloid process as well as the ligament. :)

well i hope i don't run into any trouble down the line my Dr only removed about inch on each side - i do feel alot better now that he did that but i just hope it doesn't grow out again or cause any trouble since some of it is still in there.

Bubbles! Great to hear! Gotta love the success stories!!!! I have a friend named Tinnitus too ;) Take care and keep us up to date <3 Amy