Post Surgery with Dr. Mendelsohn UCLA

Hi All,

I just had surgery yesterday, I only had right side stylohyoid ligament calcification, not elongated processes. But I went to Dr. Mendelsohn at UCLA and he was great! From the moment I saw him for a consultation until after surgery yesterday he was nothing but wonderful. He is very knowledgeable about ES and very supportive. He was attentive and listened to my whole journey and my concerns and symptoms, and made me feel completely comfortable and confident in him doing the surgery. Today I am in quite a bit of pain, but I am hopeful that once the inflammation and pain subside I will be back to my old self, thanks to Dr. Mendelsohn. I highly recommend him! If you have any questions, I am here for you.

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Hi CourtneyDM!

That’s fantastic news! I’m sorry for your pain but that’s part of surgery. You may find it gets worse before it gets better, but don’t be discouraged. Inflammation will increase over the course of this week peaking at days 3-5 then it will begin to subside & you’ll notice improvement in your pain & symptoms over the next couple of months to a year. Ice & your pain meds will be your best friend for the first week at least & perhaps beyond.

So glad to have another name to add to our ES Doctors’ List. I’m sure there are other excellent ES doctors/surgeons not on the list that haven’t been “discovered” yet.

We’ll look forward to hearing updates from you as you heal.

Sending a gentle hug & a prayer for quick healing.

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That’s great, I hope that you heal quickly!

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I’m on day 9 post surgery starting in 30 minutes. Day 2-5 swelling was high. Day 6 was the worst for me…Ice and Meds and roam around as much as possible. Day 7 was mild pain. Day 8 I elected to not take any medications at all including ibuprofen and Tylenol, and even made it to Walmart…and today I feel fine with no meds… just know that you should take meds for as long as you truly think you need them, and ice for as long as you should. Be conscience of constipation and hydrate, fiber, low dairy, or laxative accordingly. The swelling will go down and you will begin to feel like yourself again. Everyone’s recovery is different so don’t make any serious timelines. I’m still gonna take off next week for example. Take care!


You’re crushing it dude! You sound mentally strong which is a testimony to how crazy we feel when we are symptomatic with this crazy diagnosis! :facepunch:

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Good idea to take as much time off as you can. Take it easy & keep healing!

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Hi @CourtneyDM & @eaglet86

I am considering Dr. Mendelsohn and wanted to know how are you feeling now? Was this an outpatient surgery?

Hi Cali,

I edited your post so it would directly ping eaglet86 & CourtneyDM.

thank you!