One week post surgery - doing great

Hello everyone and thank you for all the thoughts and prayers before my surgery. I have to admit I think I came out exceptionally well compared to others who have had extra oral ES surgery. My surgery was done by Dr Samji at Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Gatos, CA. I flew in from Idaho not really knowing what to expect and being prepared for the worst. However I ended up with very little surgery pain (and I don’t tolerate pain well) and a small 1-2" incision. Because this was considered a neurological surgery they put me in ICU afterwards for the night, which seemed to be overkill, but the care was excellent so how can i complain :slight_smile:
I took 3 percocet while in the hospital, the last as I was leaving and have been able to just take Tylenol since then.
Dr Samji was able to take the majority of the calcified ligament out in one piece and then a small piece the was compressing on the carotid artery. He said it was like a blade and compressing the glossopharyngeal nerves and should be about 6 weeks before the nerves decompress and pain goes away. Unfortunately he couldn’t give me the little “bugger” or take any photos - I so wanted to be able to show the docs back here, who have no idea what ES is or what was happening or removed. Can only hope his records to my PC are REALLY descriptive. :wink:

I still have lots of original pain when I step or sit down that runs up the back of my head, but hoping this will be gone in 6 weeks. Interesting thing is I am now feeling the Left side much more than I did before. Just hoping I can make it another year before having to venture back to good old CA and have that side done.

Thanks to everyone again for all their support, encouragement and information.

That’s brilliant news, Gina, really pleased for you! Glad that you’ve not had too much pain, and hope that the pain you do have will go soon. Quite a few of us have noticed that the 2nd side ramps up when the first side is out- whether that’s because the other one gets inflamed after surgery, or whether you just notice that side more once the more painful one has gone… anyway, hope that it doesn’t cause too many problems for you and you don’t have to have that one done!
Thanks for sharing your story and hope that you keep on recovering well! :bouquet::+1:

This is wonderful news! So glad everything went so well for you! I went 9 months between my surgeries so unless you get a huge increase in pain or other really terrible symptoms start, you should be able to make it for a year.

As you’ve probably read over & over on this forum, nerve pain can take a long time to heal. If it’s not all gone in 6 weeks, continue to be patient. Your nerves/vascular tissues will heal with time. I’m still experiencing positive changes, & it’s been 2.5 years since my last surgery.

Were you diagnosed with ES in Idaho? I’m located in Boise, Idaho. My GP is 99% sure that I have ES…I have 1/2 inch spike in the right side of my throat. I have an appointment with an ENT at Southwest ENT on 11/29 to hopefully confirm diagnosis. If I do have ES and need surgery I’ve pretty much narrowed my surgeon choices down to Dr. Samji and Dr. Cognetti.

Jules…thank you so much for all your good wishes!

Hello Idahojoe…it took me two years to finally get a diagnosis from a ENT after my dentist had seen the ES on a cone beam ct. I live in eastern Idaho and ended up FINALLY finding a ENT in Pocatello who had heard of ES and knew wha t it was. Then almost another year to find a surgeon. I would highly recommend Dr Samji especially as you are traveling from Boise. If I can give you any logistics on hotels etc I’m happy to. Your ENT needs to order a ct-scan without contrast that will show measurements, as that is what Dr Samji requires before ever seeing/talking to you. His assistant Kim at Camino ENT is exceptionally helpful and easy to email. This is a wonderful site for ES information and support. Best wishes to you on a speedy diagnosis and surgery.

Ah darn Isaiah_40_31 don’t tell me this can take years to subside!!! :weary: ARG!!! All your info re: San Jose etc was invaluable. Especially since I got to OAK on Thurs and Sat night my “sister” Maggi had a TIA and was in ER and then told to not venture far from home. OPPS there goes my ride to surgery and someone to be with me. Long story short, my “sister” from Seattle jumped in and came down Tues am, we then Ubered down to Los Gatos to the hotel/hospital and she was with me during and after surgery Wed. Lots of scrambling around I can tell you and lots of Uber rides from Martinez back and forth and to airport.
But all well…made for an even bigger adventure. :rofl:

I’m so glad everything worked out for you & that you have good friends who are willing to help you no matter what! That does sound like quite the adventure though!!
If there are any hitches next time around, you know I’m here for you & am willing to chauffeur, etc.


How are you healing, Gina45? I hope you’re seeing improvements daily!

Happy New Year!

Hello guys thanks for the information. May I know how much was the cost of surgery with Dr. Samji

Hi Cali,

I also had two ES surgeries done by Dr. Samji - 2014 & 2015. I have medical insurance which covered all but a few hundred dollars of the cost. I think total, my two surgeries cost between $30,000-$40,000. If you don’t have insurance & are paying cash, his charges are much lower. You can contact his medical assistant Lauren & ask what the cost is -

I’m guessing the people who don’t comeback on the page are feeling much better

For the most part that is true.