Post surgical Eagle Syndrome Symptoms

Me again. I had my last surgery almost a year ago, but I still have periodic symptoms. They are very rare and tiny pains, so I ignore them.

However, whenever I get a head cold, they come back full force. Also, my ears plug up (like when you've been on a plane) and won't unplug, so I can't hear much. Last time, it was just one ear, and it resolved when they cleaned out my ears at the doctors office. This time I know my ears are clear of wax, but both ears are "plugged" with diminished hearing and ear pain. I think it's related to eagle syndrome because I also have one-sided throat pain on the same side as the worst ear.

I am so sick of spending money on doctors, and just getting diagnosed and treated for the eagle syndrome wiped out my savings. I am a little worried that I could have ear infections (my daughter did recently) but I don't want to waste money on a dr appointment just to find out that they don't see anything wrong.

Anyone experience the same after surgery?

Anyone have any tips about plugged ears? (I plug my nose and shut my mouth and "blow out" to change the ear pressure, but even though I hear popping type sounds, I end up just as deaf afterwards.)

Anyone own an otoscope (or whatever those ear-lookers are that doctors have) and know how to check for ear infections on your own?

Anyone think an ent would be any help? It's a long wait to see mine (about a month or more) but if I thought he'd be any help, I guess I could make an appointment.

Think my general doctor can be any help? (I'm guessing all he can do is check for ear infections.)


I haven't personally had any ear plugged sensations, sometimes I feel as though my hearing completely drops out for a minute or two in one ear and comes back. I have had surgery on my left side and it was done by a 1st time eagle's syndrome surgeon. My styloid is in three pieces now on the left side and I still get plenty of pain associated with it, although it is generally not as bad as my right side which has not been operated on, I'll post my new ct scan so you can see what I mean. It is already on a separate discussion I started on the 6th of this month, but here.

What?!?! So the surgeon broke it and left it there? I'm so sorry, Lively cadaver!

I've been researching it, and it looks like I have a chronic problem with blocked eustachian tubes. Every single time I get a little cold, I have ear pain, and now the past two times I've had a cold my hearing has gone and they've felt plugged up.

It says there is a surgical solution. I really hope it doesn't have to come to that. I'm going to see my general doctor tomorrow morning to make sure there are no ear infections. Honestly, I don't know how an eagle syndrome person could possibly know when s/he has an ear infection and needs to be checked out. After all, we always feel like we have ear infections.

I wonder if surgery affects the Eustachian tubes? Maybe the scar tissue presses against them?

eagleheart said:

What?!?! So the surgeon broke it and left it there? I'm so sorry, Lively cadaver!

Yea, That is why I recommend not using a first time surgeon, save yourself the money and pain, I am sure I will need the left side reopened and cleaned out.... sucks, and yea I have a ton of scar tissue, looking at other peoples surgery sites compared to mine almost makes me want to cry, their scars are so clean and mine is rather bulky, he cut my ear lobe and resewed it, I had a plastic tube sticking out of my neck after surgery, which when removed just left a gaping hole till it closed and healed on it's own....


Hello :) I, by no means am a doctor, so let me preface what I'm going to say with that! But from what I've learned in the past from some of the EMT classes I've taken in the army reserve - if there's any kind of infection, whether it be ear, or elsewhere, there will be a temperature. I, too, have had eagles surgery (I'm 6 months out from left side extraoral) and when I get a cold or a migraine it will tend to flare up feelings of ear aches or a sore throat. And I too get uncomfortable ear fullness.

Fortunately I have health insurance. Unfortunately, my husband and I are separated and I am not employed and am pinching pennies and am barely coming up with the money to cover copays for doctor visits. I'll be having my right side eagles surgery along with a simultaneous ear surgery soon. Long story short and suggestion to your post is - I've since applied for supplemental disability for Eagles Syndrome. It is covered and recognized under U.S. Disability. I figured it was worth a shot! Eagles has been giving me grief for over 20 years now (but officially I haven't been able to work for 3 years so what they hey!) I'm 43 now and have been working since the age of 13. I've paid into the system and I need help temporarily to help me get back on my feet :) If you need help too, why not ask? Couldn't hurt! We have a rare and very incapacitating, painful syndrome. And if it's dealt with in the proper manner it can be stopped and we can function fully and pain free again!! :) That's how I'm approaching it with the case workers and I'm getting somewhere!!

I wish you best health and pain free days my friend :) Together we can beat this. There's always hope when we have each other...


AmyBlue, that's an excellent point about infections and fevers. In retrospect, it seems obvious, but I hadn't thought of that. From now on I'll use that for some assurance that this pain and full feeling are not ear infections.

I had to take my daughter into the doctor for pinkeye yesterday, and I asked the doctor if he'd mind taking a look at my ears at the same time. They were not infected.

Today when I got up out of bed, I had three terrifying episodes of vertigo in a row. I know some of you have mentioned having that symptom in the past with eagle syndrome. The room appeared to spin rapidly in random directions, and I couldn't tell which way was up. Luckily, they only lasted less than a minute each, and they went away for the rest of the day. I'm afraid if they come back I'll have to see an ENT and pray they have some solution for it, because I can't imagine trying to take care of 3 little kids in that condition.

Thanks for the disability tip, too, but since I was self-employed, I'm pretty sure I don't qualify. I do think that checking my temperature will be a great money-saver, though, so I don't feel compelled to keep going in to the convenience care center to have my ears looked at.