Pressure on the back on my head when talking

Hi all, I am new on the site and I am still unsure how this works. I am Spanish but I live in London. I started my calvary 4 years ago after a stresfull period at work. Ever since, I describe a horrible pressure feeling on the back of my head which irradiates from the neck (also expands to the sides of my head, next the the eyes). The strange thing is that this gets only trigged when talking, which makes my life extremely complicated at work, home, etc. This pressure feeling makes my dizzy and it gets worse depending on the pronunciation of the words I am trying to say. For example, it would get worse when pronuncing “T”, strong “R” or “K” sounds. Does anyone suffer from something similiar? And if so, can anyone kindly suggest a solution/improvement? Last week, I had an injection of anesthetics and radiofrecuency on the left side (I have ES on both sides) but I havent felt any improvements as yet. I am starting to get desperate. Please any recommendations? Many thanks

That sounds weird, but there are some weird ES symptoms! Have you tried any pain medications specifically for nerve pain? It could be that it's irritated nerves causing these sensations- I have trouble one side, and get aching and pressure on one of the Trigeminal nerve branches on the side of my head. A lot of people with Trigeminal Neuralgia describe the pain as 'boring' pain- would that be the sort of thing you're feeling? There are quite a few medications which help nerve pain- anti-depressants like amitriptyline or nortriptyline, or anti-convulsants like Neurontin/ Gabentin, Tegretol. It might be worth a try, but they can take up to a few weeks to build up in your system to work.

The ligaments attached to the styloid process go to the floor of the mouth and the tongue; certain speech sounds are made by moving the tongue, muscles in the floor of the mouth and facial muscles, nerves controlling these movements are also beside the styloid processes, so it doesn't seem beyond the realms of possibility that certain sounds could aggravate inflamed nerves or tendons in the area? (Not that any of us on here are doctors, it might be something you could ask your doctor).

Super weird! I wish I could offer some advice for comfort.
It may be helpful to know that cranial nerve ix is one of the known symptomatic nerves in some cases of ES. (I have been reading a lot on ES and cranial nerves since Jules thankfully pointed me in that direction!)
Cranial Nerve IX is the glossopharyngeal nerve and has a lot to do with oral sensation. This nerve also controls the stylopharyngeus muscle (which additionally is Attached to the Styloid) and helps elevate the larynx or voice box.
Maybe there is something going on where using this muscle irritates your other symptoms, or its odd position on your unusual styloids compresses other structures when you activate it?
The comprehensive medical texts on Eagle Syndrome are lacking and disappointing to begin with. I can't seem to find any good clinical source about your issues.
However, Pain with extending the tongue and voice changes are part of the diagnostic criteria for ES.
I also just had a barium swallow showing serious delay in my laryngeal elevation which the doctor blamed on my Eagle Syndrome.
Although it's hardly a solution, you're probably not crazy for feeling this.
ES summary with cranial nerves
Wiki of Stylopharyngeus muscle

I was starting to have very strange neurological symptoms - the pressure in my head was almost a tingling feeling going up the back of my neck into my head. Made me want to jump out of my skin. I would take some Ibuprofen and rest and it would usually go away in a bit. I haven't had it in the two weeks since my surgery.

I have pain all over my neck at times too. Even radiates into my throat and sometimes into my chest while talking. Mine is also complicated by some arthritis in my neck & spine. The strange and scary part is it is not always the same symptom every day. Always think it is best to talk to your doctor about this

I think that having symptoms change/ come and go even hour by hour is quite common, Crowag.