Pulsatile tinnitus

Has anyone studied the mechanism that explains why pulsatile tinnitus is worse at night for those with IJV stenosis?

-Is it inflammation of the connective tissue (fascia) with activity, causing decreased space for the IJV?

-Activity causing increased blood flow?

-Increased instability of C1 with movement?

-And/or other factors?

CTVs are done in the AM but I rarely have pulsatile tinnitus in the AM. I almost always have it at night.

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Mine was worse at night and with any exertion…I just presumed it was laying down that caused more pressure on the veins, and as you mention, increased activity causing increased blood flow & therefore pressure on the veins. There is an organisation called whooshers.com, they have some good info if you’ve not seen that?


Thank you so much for this detailed and informative reply!!! Mine was worse after the cerebral catheter CTV, as was my cranial nerve-related pain/vulnerabilty for 17 days I think because of inflammation in the area.

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