Question about Dr. Samji

Greetings all,

Now that I have had my 3D CT Scan with Contrast, I have a question:

I burned multiple copies of the CD to have for my records.

When people on this forum keep referencing “you should have Dr. Samji in San Jose look at your results”…does this mean that I just send him one of my CDs?

Does he review this CDs sent by people pro bono ?

Do I need to schedule an office visit for him to actually read it?

Please advise, as I would like one of the experts on this to read my scan to see what the hell is going on in there.



Hi. I think you need to call his office and ask them these very questions. I am one of Dr. Samji's success stories and I think very highly of him. Usually you call the doctor's office and discuss it with the appropriate office person and then mail the CD in to their attention. I think it's pretty common so people from out of state don't have to travel for nothing.