Question about lymph nodes

Does anyone have axillary lymph node pain? I had a rough night last night with pain, and what’s weird is my axillary lymph node has been hurting on and off, just on one side. It’s really scary. Then it came down and my neck started throbbing. Just wondering if anyone else has any lymph node pain besides in the neck.

Hi Kaska,

Typically, it’s the lymph nodes in the neck that get irritated by ES but because a number of people also have shoulder/arm pain from ES (irritated accessory nerve), it wouldn’t be totally unthinkable for a node in the armpit to get upset as well. Since it was concurrent w/ neck pain, it seems like it might be related to ES. That said, if it continues to really bother you over the next couple of days, or if it enlarges, I would make an appointment w/ your PCP to have it looked at. Axillary lymph node enlargement/pain can also occur w/ things like strep throat & other bacterial or viral infections.

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