Questions for post op visit

I have appointment soon for my last visit with surgeon. What questions should I specifically ask?

If you’re feeling good, then there’s really nothing to discuss. If you’re still having some symptoms, then talk about what you’re feeling and seek advice on the best way(s) to deal with your residual symptoms. I’ve forgotten if you have bilateral ES. If so, you should ask when the best time would be for your next surgery.

I must tell you that it can take up to a year after surgery for you to fully know the extent of your healing. Nerves are slow to recover & regrow, & vascular tissues can be pokey to rebound as well. Any remaining pain you have now may be gone in a few weeks or it might stick around for awhile yet but continue to become less intense over the next few months.

I hope you feel amazing, & there is nothing major you need to talk to your surgeon about. Go forth & conquer!!


Did you post on here that your other side had got a bit worse after your op? If it’s still like that then as Isaiah says you could ask about a second surgery. If I remember right your doctor explained pretty well how sharp your SP was, so that was covered. As Isaiah says, nerve pain etc can take up to a year to heal thoroughly, but it’s worth mentioning if you have any symptoms left. Questions like ‘can it grow back?’ are a bit of a waste of time, to be honest, as most docs don’t realise that it can anyway!
I can’t remember who did your surgery, but if they’re not on our list you could ask if they’re happy to be put on!
Hope all’s well!