Recommended New England/East Coast surgeons?

I know there’s a list, I’ve already seen a surgeon at Yale but I didn’t feel very comfortable with him or confident in his abilities. It will be very hard to travel as I don’t have my own vehicle so I’d really appreciate anyone’s personal story or experience so I can try and get another opinion. So far I’ve heard of a dr Newman, and Dr cognetti both in PA.

Do you mind sharing the name of the surgeon at Yale? I want to know if it is the same person I am scheduled to see this week.

It’s Dr Clarence Sasaki, I was scheduled March 6th and they bumped it up to Feb 23rd but I won’t be able to make it.

I’m going to see him tomorrow. I’ll let you know my impressions afterwards.

Small world huh? Good luck! It was very nice and all the staff were very friendly and helpful.

I had surgery with Dr. Jason Newman at U Penn in September. I am from the D.C. area, and couldn’t find anyone locally who either had heard of ES or thad reated successfully ES. Dr. Newman was fantastic and he has the most experience of anyone I found treating ES. I originally saw Dr. Lee at U Penn, a neurosurgeon who referred me to Dr. Newman (same hospital). They do a lot of cases together. Dr. Newman is very knowledgable I am so happy I had my styloid removed - it made a huge difference in my quality of life. However, the truth of the matter is that even with a diagnosis of ES a doctor can’t tell 100% if the styloid is the problem until it’s removed. If you can go to PA, see both doctors if you can and see who you are comfortable with.