Surgery with Dr. Annino

Has anyone recently had ES surgery with Dr. Annino in Boston? If so, how much of the styloid was removed, were any ligaments removed, and how has the recovery been going? I am planning on surgery with him and I am trying to get better informed on what to expect post surgery. I do realize that the severity of the ES condition/procedure will affect post surgical symptoms, but they also seem to be surgeon dependent to some degree.

I’m guessing that none of our recent members have, as nobody replied to your previous discussion, I’ll add in the link again to one discussion; have you tried sending a message to JonK to ask him any more about his experience? As it was over 2 years ago he might not be on the site any more.
Surgery Is Complete! Dr. Annino is Amazing! - General - Living with Eagle

I am surprised. When I met with him Dec 7th he mentioned how many patients he has seen for ES recently.

Hi Fred01,

There are many people who have ES who are not on our ES forum. There is a large FB ES group, too. Though our members compose a significant number, it is possibly just “the tip of the iceberg” as far as ES patients go, so it’s not surprising that the better surgeons see many people w/ ES whom we’re not aware of here.

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I didn’t know about the FB group. Thanks.


If you join the FB group, please be careful. They are not as supportive or private as this group, & some people have left that group & joined this one because of that. There is a different level of information exchanged there as well.

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