Recovering from ES surgery

I’m almost a week into recovery, I had my left side done 4 years ago. It was an easy recovery, with no side effects. The Dr. Told me my styloid wasn’t necessarily long, but it was very wide, & thick he had a hard time cutting it off, also a small piece came off that he was unable to retrieve.
I’m experiencing occasional hearing loss with a constant sharp shooting pain in my right ear, & my jaw is popping inside & out. Like TMJ . Has anyone who has had ES surgery experience any of these symptoms, or any other symptoms after surgery? I was hoping to start feeling better by now! I need some reassurance . Any advice will be helpful

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Not had the jaw popping myself, but I’m sure others have & it does settle- could well be from opening your jaw wide for surgery. Was yours external or intraoral?
The shooting pains in my ears I’ve had, that does settle, irritated nerves.
I hope that you’re soon seeing improvements- make sure you take it easy! Thinking of you :bouquet:

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Yes! My ear on the surgical side suffered post op for almost a month. Fluid can build up in the neck and will back up into the ear which causes pain. The pain can also be from irritated nerves. My jaw didn’t pop but it was very painful to open wide.

I can say that it took me a full two months to really feel like I turned the corner to feeling better on a continued basis.

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I had external, so the jaw popping is an interesting symptom

Thank you, it’s a relief to know that ear pain is common. Thank you for your response. It has eased my worries to know this probably temporary.

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Hi Nanners!

So glad you’re done w/ surgery & recovering. As you’ve read, you’re in very early stages of recovery. It will take awhile for the post op swelling to go down & nerves to recover. Going forward, you may notice you have a good day followed by several “bad” days, but take heart, the good days will begin to overtake the bad, & you’ll gradually notice your symptoms disappearing. It took some of mine 9-12 months to go away, but by then, they were very tolerable, just annoying.

Do listen to your body & rest when it asks you to. This will aid in hastening your recovery for sure!

Thank you~ Today was my first actual day, that I started to feel better. It’s challenging not to be impatient, since I’ve missed so many months due to ES. I appreciate that you took the time to remind me that it’s important to listen to my body~ One day at time…Yes~🌻