Recovering slowly from external styloidectomy surgery

Hi everyone,

Well, I am now into my 4th post op week (surgery was 7-22-14) and I am getting better but very slowly. At my second post op visit with surgeon last week, I was still having a lot of muscle tightness and trigger points in shoulder and upper back. My incision was still swollen, firm and painful to touch. I was having trouble moving my neck since the incision was very tight and pulled when I turned my neck. My surgeon recommended a sustained acting pain med to see if it would help decrease pain so I could get my neck moving. He also ordered PT for my neck and shoulder.

My pain is improving now with the new medication. I am sleeping better and moving my neck better. What has also helped me, is being treated by a certified lymphedema and myofascial release massage therapist. I sought her out prior to my surgery for what I thought was TMJ problems. I started seeing her 2 weeks after surgery. She uses a very gentle touch that releases the trigger points and helps my neck and shoulders relax. She has been doing gentle massage to my incision swelling to promote lymph drainage and reduce the scar tissue.

I start PT tomorrow to treat stiffness and tightness in my jaw neck and shoulder. I'll keep you updated. I am still surprised that I am having such a slow recovery. Have any of you out there who've had external surgery had such a long recovery?

Patience, patience, patience...



My son just had his surgery this past Monday. Right now he does have trouble moving his head, but it is getting better each day. He also has tightness in his jaw and he is eating soft food, like muffins and soup. I am using Aspercreme (over the counter creme) on his neck and shoulders and it seems to be helping with the stiffness. The surgeon told him to move his head side to side off and on throughout the day so the stiffness gets better. I am sorry to hear your stiffness and jaw are still having problems so long after your surgery. My son's seems to be getting better each day, but we are only a few days out of surgery.