Recurrent tonsilitis and pharyngitis - anyone else major symptoms?


Just wondered if anyone else had recurring tonsilitis and sore throat as main symptoms? Plus feeling generally unwell whenever this flares up. My styloid is easy to feel in my left tonsil so I was fortunate to be diagnosed quickly. I also feel very fortunate that I don't have the severe pain that people suffer from, but recurrent throat problems are making me feel quite unwell. I want to avoid surgery if I can, but I've noticed things seem to be getting slightly worse. Do symptoms tend to stabilise or progress? I'd be grateful to hear of people's experiences as I'm in the dark!

Thank you

Symptoms tend to progress unfortunately.

Hello Danny! Unfortunately with Eagles symptoms generally tend to persist and worsen. How often do your symptoms present and how long do they usually last? Is your case uni or bilateral? When is it worse? What makes it better? What are you doing when it flares up? What do you mean by 'throat problems'?

I apologize if I seem so nosy! But the more questions that are asked and the more aware you are I find the easier it is to treat and it's better off in the long run for your treating physician. The more information you can provide for the doctor and the more clues you can give them, the better. Because something that may seem very insignificant to us can tip them off in a big way.

I'm so grateful you found a solution so quickly! That's awesome and you are truly a miracle Danny! I'm so glad you found the Eagles site here at Ben's Friends! Welcome :)


Thanks for your answers. I have problems only on the left side, with soreness, and enlarged and angry tonsil. I have pain pretty much all the time on that side too and in my eye socket, and it feels hot, but it's nowhere near as bad as others seem to have it. I can manage the pain, but I find the tonsilitis and sore throat more of a problem because I feel ill and tired when it happens and it lasts for a week or so. It gets worse every 6 weeks and in between is not so bad. I've noticed that it's getting more regular so I guess what you guys are saying makes sense.

Thank you for your advice!

You're in the right place, keeping yourself out of the dark and in the light of exposure and on top of things! Keep coming back with any questions or new symptoms :) We're always here for you!