Regrown Styloid

This is my original styloid that was giving me problems. Dr. Samji removed it to its base three years ago
new styloid 2
Here is is now, regrown. It isn’t causing any problems. It’s straight and further away from the carotid sheath so hopefully won
t ever bother me.


OH NO!! I’m sorry it’s growing back. We seem to have several members recently post that they’re experiencing regrowth.

I think what I’ve learned from this is that even when the styloids are fully removed, the physical or chemical mechanism(s) in our bodies that caused elongation in the first place, hasn’t been eliminated. Understanding the root cause of styloid elongation/s-h ligament calcification in a given person so it can also be eradicated will be the ultimate weapon in stopping the recurrence of ES after surgery. At the moment this seems fairly impossible but maybe one day it will be a reality.

I’m very thankful that you haven’t experienced any adverse affects from the regrowth. Hoping & praying you never will.

:hugs: :gift_heart:

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It looks as if it’s grown quite a bit! So sorry that it has, but good that you’re not getting symptoms…hope it stays that way!

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