Stylohyoid surgery

Looking for suggestions for doctprs who remove stylohyoid, personal stories about recovery. I am not well. Difficulty typing. Hope some of you can help.
Styloid was removed. Now remaining stylohyoid is growing larger. Also, having difficulty learning new format.
Please only respond if you had surgery to remove the stylohyoid in the neck near the hyoid. Thanks

Sorry that you’re still struggling Emma- you’ve been through enough already.
I would’ve thought that any doctor who’s experienced with ES surgery should be able to remove the ligament- do you think it’s the same calcification problems related to your thyroid, or could it be calcification/ inflammation problems post-surgery?
Hope that you can get some help soon.

So sorry to hear you’re having new troubles! Is it your stylohyoid ligament or muscle that is the problem? If you’re having trouble typing, it might be the muscle. Several people have had shoulder and arm problems related to their ES & one person even had arm weakness after his surgery. Not sure of his current status. I did have both my ligaments removed along w/ my styloids. The only repercussion is that I intermittently swallow my fluids down the wrong way when I drink. This is much more tolerable than ES pain. I, too, hope you find some answers & get resolution for your new problem ASAP, Emma.

The new site is easier to navigate than it was when it was first set up, but I agree. I liked the old one much better. We older gals just don’t pick up this techy stuff as fast as the young 'uns!

Clarification. My intraoral surgery in 2013 removed 2.8 cm of styloid that had calcified and elongated and was also attached to the also ossified(calcified)stylohyoid ligament. The doctor just released the stylohyoid ligament from the styloid. So it retracted back into my throat. He does not want to do more surgery and does not seem to think I have a problem, but he has not really tried to help. Normally, the stylohyoid ligament is a small ligament like dental floss, mine was more like a twig. It lies flat in my throat,the muscle is very strong. I can actually reach back into my throat and touch the ligament, and the muscle is holding it tightly in place. I think the problem is that the stylohyoid is long enough and ossified enough to be rubbing my throat raw. I have, on occasion, reached down to locate the source of pain and it appears to be there. I often gargle with salt water and the area is painful from the salt. I have times when I am hoarse and times when I have little flecks of pus that I cough up. I wonder if that is from the stylohyoid just constantly rubbing into the throat membrane. My doctors have said it is acid reflux, but I only have it on one side of my throat and one spot. I think that acid reflux pain would be more evenly spread. That is why I am having a consult with another doctor.
My trouble typing last time I was on the site had nothing to do with this. I just had Rotator cuff surgery and I wanted to ask about anyone who had the stylohyoid removed if they were doing okay. My right shoulder was in a sling and I was typing left handed. Rotator cuff surgery is very painful, but I went in with a good attitude and determination to do my therapy and I am very encouraged that I will get full use of my shoulder. I just started back to driving around town and cooking dinner and doing some chores along with therapy 3 times a day.
The most irritating and long term problem has been the Eagles or my belief that I still have inflammation from the Eagles. I feel that I know my body and I know what I am feeling, but with throat and jaw stuff and all the nerves involved, it is hard to prove. We will see. I just had a 3 D CT scan done today for Dr. Samji. I decided that a long distance consult with him was worth the cost. I will have a CT Scan and I will be able to send it to one or two other doctors if I have to before I give it up. If I have to live with the inflammation and irritation for the rest of my life, it will not be my choice but at this point it is not destroying my life. Sometimes, it is more depressing than other times. I am looking forward to more and more exercise in my future. I have degenertative disc disease and I want to do whatever I can to keep moving and trying to stay in the game with my 12 soon to be 13 grandchildren.
Jules, thanks for your sympathy of my struggles, but everyone has problems, mine seem to be with bones and ligaments. I am in pain often, but I am in good health otherwise. I would like to be more active and I am trying to get there. I just have to remember not to try stuff for younger people. All my life I have been lethargic, then they removed my thyroid, put me on thyroid meds and regulated my system to normal for the first time and I have great energy, but no where to expend it. That is the irony of life sometimes.

WOW, Emma! What a challenge you have! Dr. Samji did my surgery. He is a proponent of removal of the s-h ligaments as well as cutting the styloids back to the skull if possible. I think it’s a good decision you’ve made to consult him. I hope he agrees with your assessment of your condition & is willing to help you. Please keep us posted as to what you find out from him. I will be praying that you get a useful & helpful response from your conversation.

I will be praying for you. :two_hearts:

I don’t know if this helps but mine was a spike pressing on my spinal column . I had surgery 2 weeks ago.
the surgery was a success.

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I just replied to Kcannady on her post about Samji.
I have not spoken to Samji yet, the disk was just mailed to him late last week. I did however read the Ct Scan report and I was amazed to find out that the right side is 5.1 cm. I do not usually have styloid pain, but that is the side with Cervical neck pain all the time that everyone tells me is mild on the MRI. Might be interesting to find out that the pain could be from styloid involvement. That would make this a priority. The left side is 3.0 after having 2.8 cm removed in 2013. That side is thick and from the report, I cannot tell if it is the stylohyoid ligament or the styloid ligament. They were separated in the middle during the first surgery. The CT scan covers the base of the skull to the top of the lung, says the report. Excitedly, awaiting to hear from Dr Samji. Would love to get rid of neck and styloid pain in one swoop. Thank you all for your encouragement. Just aside, my right shoulder seems to be coming along nicely. Just the muscles in the neck are not too happy, but I am doing better all the time. I will be 3 full months out of surgery in about two weeks. That is 13 weeks. 1/4 of a year. I think it will be worth it.

Glad to hear that there’s improvements with your shoulder, and hope that Dr Samji can help you!

Hi Emma,

Wanted to let you know that if you end up coming to California to see Dr. Samji, I live somwhat near his office & would love to be able to support you in whatever way(s) you need while you’re out here. Both KCannady & Musicgeek saw Dr. Samji for surgery this week. It was a joy to be able to provide them with things they needed but didn’t want to carry on the airplane in order to travel here (specifally wedge pillows & blenders) and encourage them before and after their surgeries. I also can give you input on where to stay if you don’t have friends or relatives in the area.

Please keep me posted if you want any help.



Thank you, I do not know if or when I would be going, but I will definitely be in touch if I plan to go. This forum is so valuable to us all. I hope to be on it again more regularly, but still need to find some help with bone issues so I can use the computer more.

I heard from Dr. Samji, I am a candidate for surgery on the right side, but under no circumstance will he redo the surgery on the left where the stylohyoid remains. However, I will have a phone consult with him in October. There was a mix up and my new patient forms were separated from my new CT scan. So I will be having a full phone consult. I may or may not bring up the stylohyoid issue. I have several concerns for the right side and whether the 5.1 cm styloid is causing enough problems for me to have surgery at this time. It is a long way from Fl to CA, so I will probably take my time even after speaking with him. I am seeing a neurologist in December and will bring the CT scan to her to discuss my cervical neck issues and get some tests. Hopefully, I will also consult consult with the neurosurgeon of my choice as well. I do not want unnecessary surgery, nor do I want to have anything done in my neck and have a neurosurgeon break or pinch the styloid during surgery. I need to get some relief in the cervical neck from C-2 -C7, but I want a clearer understanding of what is going on. As far as the stylohyoid on the left, I may just live with it (perhaps the problem there could be lessened by work on the right side. For now, I am doing better. The neck is a day to day thing and it affects my shoulder blade near my spine as well. Isaiah_40_31, I will contact you if I decide to do anything, but it will likely not be anytime soon.