Results of CT scan


it has been several weeks since I posted a thought. I had been scheduled for a CT to rule out an elongated styloid. I picked up the results before I saw the ENT and was concerned. I have done a lot of research and it bothered me the radiologist only commented "Symetrical styloids." That tells me nothing! No measurements. I felt a measurement would be critical it fashioning a diagnosis. Well, I went back to my ENT who said just what I was afraid he would say. " Good news...we have symetrical styloids. There were no tonsillar masses or growths." I know it had been six weeks since he had seen me and probably forgot about his exam that initiated the CT scan.I smiled nicely and said. " OK, that's fine..then you need to check my throat again and tell me what normal piece of anatomy is sticking out of my tonsil." He checked me again, sighed and said.."That has got to be a styloid process. I don't think I can trust this radilologist."

You have to be your own advocate...learn to think in a critical manner and be ready to point out discepencies. These docs see so many people..they can't keep track of it have to be on your toes and ready with your thoughts to challenge their own incomplete thinking. I could have easily spent a lot of time and money for nothing, put off again, another missed diagnosis. I was ready for him and it paid off.