Scars over 1 year

Hey, guys I hope it’s not too much to ask, but my surgery is in two days and as an actor I am sorta nervous of the long term ramifications of this scar. Would it be possible for a couple people with a scar over a year old to post? I don’t mind if it’s even like 10 years old. Just anything over 1 year.

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Haven’t got a photo to post I’m afraid, but generally the surgeons make the incision in a neck crease so they’re not visible at all. Mine were behind my ear so can’t be seen, but it does depend on the surgeon’s technique as to where they operate, & whether there’s calcified ligaments which need removing too as then the incision can be lower.
Here’s SewMomma’s pic from another thread:

Hopefully reassuring!
I hope that your surgery goes well- will be thinking of you & praying for you :hugs: :pray:

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Why are you asking about a 1 year old scar just curious. I can send a picture of mine from July 2021 if that helps

My surgery was April 22 2019.

It blends in really well.

And I’m almost 60 :rofl:

That’d be great! I was asking about 1-year surgeries because I wanted to know what it’ll look like after a year as that is when I will be finishing college and going to LA to audition for films and tv shows. However, I would love to see a 6-month scar if you are willing to share! Thank you.

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Can’t see it at all!

The first one is 2 weeks post op the second is today. I had a reaction to the sutures initially and worked to get the swelling and reaction down. I went to physical therapy and they massaged it starting 3 weeks post op. I did about 6 visits with them then I continued the massage and also applied vitamin E oil and silicone scar gel alternating and massaged that also. It took a while but today it’s flat much improved. I continue to apply the above daily. Most people don’t react to the sutures like me. Make sure he makes the incision in a skin fold and uses a sub cue sutures so there are no sutures visible above the skin to remove.


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Looks really good now!

Here’s my six month scar for hyperichard.

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Really great difference, rtdevine! Glad you’ve healed so well!

Nice small incision, beachlady! I bet it’s pretty invisible when you aren’t taking a pic of it!