Shots in back of mouth?

So i seen an oral surgeon (military) and he is giving a mixture shot Of medicine and steroids in the back of my mouth… … Has anyone had this shot before? I’m afraid this is only going to cover up my symptoms not fix the problem… He did say in 3 months if it doesn’t help he is just going to remove the extra piece

I read your member page. Are you in the military? Are you required to use a military doctor? The cure for this is surgery, but surgery is not always successful and it appears you have the vascular type, which requires expertise from a surgeon. The steroids are often tried as a first option, but not usually successful. Like most inflammation, the inflammation is caused by something else. Even if the symptoms resolve for awhile, the cause is still there. Hope the injection helps so it can buy you and your doctor more time for planning the next step.

If you can consult outside of the military, you might want to look up Dr. Cognetti at Thomas Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. He is an expert on Eagles and is very willing to help Eagles' sufferers. Eagles is a rare condition and vascular a little more rare, so not many doctors ever see this condition. Our membersoften seek out successful surgeons based the experience of previous members if they are in a position to do so. I am sure there are many surgeons capable of doing the surgery, but many just back off and dump us on other doctors.

I hope some of the members with vascular eagles will read your member page and then jump in on your discussion. If you don't get any results, you might want to title a discussion with Vascular Eagles, what is the best option? or something like that. Besf of luck. Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you are with family today.

Thank you very much for your response… Yes I have vascular eagles syndrome which really sucks lol… I’m prior military and my husband is still in… So I’m hoping I can get out patient to have surgery . I’m on multiple medications because my eagles syndrome gives me horrible migraines… Last medication they upped it and it almost killed me… I really need to see someone who specializes in this

Well, if you can get to Dr. Cognetti, most of us would recommend that course of action.