Simple symptom list

Can someone give a list of symptoms. I know there is one here thats broke down to nerves, but i would like a simple one so i can try and explain easier to a new doctor. Thank you all in advance.

A member did a survey quite a few years ago asking about common symptoms- it was quite a small number who replied, but here’s a quick list of the symptoms reported which might help you:
Neck pain 90% - 18
Ear pain 95% - 19
Jaw pain 75% - 15
Eye pain 60% - 12
Throat pain 85% - 17
Swallowing difficulty/ pain 65% - 12
Choking sensation 40% - 8
Foreign body sensation in throat 85% - 17
Visual disturbances 50% - 10
Tinnitus 60% - 12
Pulsatile tinnitus 20% - 4
Hearing problems/ underwater sensation 45% - 9
Ears popping 50% - 10
Arm numbness 50% - 10
Shoulder pain 65% - 13
Limited neck movement 70% - 14
Limited movement in shoulder(s) 30% - 6
Heart palpitations 40% - 8
Neck pressure/ bulging sensation 35% - 7
Hypotension 20% - 4
Orthostatic Hypotension 20% - 4
Hypertension 15% - 3
Cranial Hypertension 20% - 4
Pressure in the back of your head 50% - 10
Twitching 35% - 7
Pain with yawning 60% - 12
Excessive yawning 35% - 7
Headache 75% - 15
Answer Choice: Responses:
Change in voice 55% - 11
Hypersalivation 35% - 7
Paplpable mass in neck 35 % - 7
Suspicion of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome 15% - 3
Episodes of feeling very unwell 60% - 12
Worsening of symptoms in cold weather 40% - 8
GI problems 30% - 6
Exercise intolerance 45% - 9
Numbness/ tingling in head or face 45% - 9
Muscle spasms in neck 40% - 8
Speech difficulty 10% - 2
Tongue deviation to the side 15 % - 3
TIA’s 0%
Suspected TIA’s 15% - 3
Circulation problems 30% - 6
Difficulty sleeping 65% - 13
Positional symptoms while sleeping 65% - 13
Symptoms worsening at elevation 20% - 4
Symptoms worsening when raising arms above head
The original discussion/ results can’t be accessed any more, but luckily I’d saved it! Here’s a link to the whole report in the Newbies Guide Section:
Survey Results - Welcome / Newbies Guide to Eagle Syndrome - Living with Eagle

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Thank you so much! I trued to open that one earlier but it didnt work! I appreciate this so much!

You’re welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

By foreign body sensation in throat,it could feel like a number of things correct? Maybe sharp or swelling and mucus? Thats how mine feels other than something sharp.

Some people describe it as a feeling like there’s a bone stuck in their throat while others have the feeling of mucous or that their throat is swelling closed (but never does). That particular symptom seems to vary quite a bit. Many people don’t have that one at all nor do they have a sore throat.

It’s generally caused by an irritated nerve giving that sensation, rather than actually something poking in the throat, so as Isaiah says, the sensation varies!

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Mostly mine feels swollen or mucusy…once in a while it will feel like somethinf sharp poking but thats a little further down. Seems like maybe by the hyoid bone. Sometimes the location varies. Its strange.

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That’s what my lump in the throat feels like- swollen, like post nasal drip that you can’t swallow. The location varies some too. Sometimes it’s higher like where my throat meets the back of my nose, sometimes a bit lower. I don’t have an Eagle’s diagnosis yet, just a high suspicion while I wait for a ct.

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I dont have one either, i have to wait to see a new ent in june! Ive been dealing with this for 3 yrs. My family doc had one fone 3 yrs ago but they never checked styloids. So ill have to get them from the hospital and see if someine can check them.

I have a dental xray that I’m pretty sure shows elongated styloids, but getting a doc to consider eagles and order a ct is hard! I had one ent say, “no you don’t have that. I’ve only had one patient in my career with it.” That may be true if he doesn’t ever order a ct to look for it! On to another ent. I hope you get clarity soon!

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I also have a dentist appt here soon so maybe i can get them to look as well


That’s terrible, but it seems to be the norm w/ ENTs in your state. Even those on our list are inconsistent in diagnosing & being willing to help ES patients who end up going to other states & having surgery for their ES which gets diagnosed by out of state docs as well.


I hope your appt is helpful & not another dud!

Me too fingers crossed. Living every day with not knowing what is wrong is terrible!

You can request that your dentist do a panoramic x-ray so (s)he can look at your styloids & give you input. They will be visible in a pano x-ray if they’re elongated. That would be a good starting point. If your dentist doesn’t know about ES, you can post your pano on here & we’ll be happy to give you an opinion.

Thats a fantastic idea. I will definently ask!

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@Sara did you get any clarity from your ent?