Some general questions

Hello, I'm new to the forum and have done some searching on the site, but thought I'd ask some specific questions related to me. I was diagnosed with vascular Eagle Syndrome a couple weeks ago and see a specialist in Kansas City (near where I live) next week.

About 15 to 18 months ago I began experiencing some shoulder pain. At first you tend to ignore it. Alter the posture, be away from the laptop more often and so on, but the pain persisted and even worsened. After about 6 months or so I went to my family doctor and x-rays shows some mild arthritis of the cervical spine. Nothing serious and also nothing that would cause the kind of pain I was having. I wasn't happy with the care and after another few months contacted spine specialist. I'm unable to have an MRI due to an implant for epilepsy so after some physical therapy to no avail, further meetings and eventually a referral, I began the process again. I started on Lyrica and that helped, I would get a myelogram about 6 weeks ago which showed the Eagle Syndrome and was then referred again. I'm awaiting that appointment next week.

Anyway, the Lyrica has helped, but prior to starting, the pain had worsened and somewhat mimicked that a pinched nerve in the cervical spine. I had numbness down the left arm and a throbbing pain in the shoulder, as well as numbness in the left hand. This went on for months and months. There was no pinched nerve.

The doctor that diagnosed Eagle Syndrome thought some of the pain, maybe even all of it, could be from the Eagle Syndrome. I'm not as confident due to having this pain for well over a year now. I've switched to a standing desk and this also helps, but the pain is still present. I'm hopeful I can learn something next week and hope this is due to the Eagle Syndrome.

Anyone else have symptoms like this or should I expect these to continue even after dealing with Eagle Syndrome? In other words, is it somewhat common, or even has it been reported, that with vascular Eagle Syndrome, symptoms similar to a pinched nerve can be felt?

I should also add that I've been dealing with dizziness symptoms off and on for over a year as well and that when I bend over, I get especially weak.

Thanks for any info because it's very hard to find info on vascular Eagle Syndrome.

all i can say is look at emma’s list and other dr from others listed on the site. only certain drs are really good with ES. I think part of this ES is finding the right dr. Also if you feel comfortable and your dr feels comfortable with ES surgery then it is worth feeling better. it is not a guarantee that symptoms will be gone but i think it is considered low risk depending on other conditions. I was healthy other then ALL symptoms of ES so i was considered low risk. Feeling great is good but knowing is half the battle too. AS my home Dr said …it doesnt matter what or how but who …need to be comfortable with your dr. no matter what or how

attached is a list of doctors that have been mentioned on this particular site that have been succesful. None in Kansas. I think there is one that was recommended in Indiana. The most referenced are Dr. Cognetti in PA, Dr.Samji in CA and Dr. Forrest in OH.

Most people who have been turned down or need a second surgery(redo) have been to Dr. Samji or Dr. Cognetti. I am attaching a spreadsheet updated last on Sept 18, 2013. If you have Excel, you should be able to read it.

429-EaglesSyndromeDoctors.xls (34.5 KB)