Specialist in FLORIDA

Help me find a good doctor for my mom in florida

Here is the link for the US Doctors’ List. There are several doctors listed in Florida. You may need to travel a bit to get to one you’re happy with. I am sorry your mother is suffering with ES. It does have symptoms that can be scary but generally it is not a life threatening syndrome. I hope you’re able to find someone close to you who is experienced & can help you.
EaglesSyndromeUSDoctors August 2017.docx (38.3 KB)

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Thank you so much for your response. My mom and I have a list to call tomorrow. Thank you!!

Aloha my name isLance Rittenhouse and I’m replying to your letter please call Dr. Hussein samji in San Jose California don’t waste your time with anyone else buy a plane ticket to San Jose and see this dr he’s the best and he teaches all the other doctors how to do this procedure the best just had one removed month in a few days ago and I’m healing well and scheduled for my next surgery in July so I’m going to give you his number and the clinic is Camino ear nose and throat in San Jose California the number is call at four zero eight two two seven six three zero zero my number is eight zero eight nine three eight zero three four zero alohaaaaaa my name isLance Rittenhouse and I’m know on the site as buzz eagle so don’t hesitate to call or Wendy is very intuitive on all of this stuff so keep in touch let me know how we can help there is life with and after eagles syndrome Aloha buzzzzzzy