Steroid Injections depomedrol

Hi everyone, i saw my ent today and he said before considering surgery, he wants to inject me with steroids named depomedrol.
has anyone here tried it?
Thank you!

I’m interested as well… I’ll be seeing a pain management specialist and that is one of my options while I wait to see the ent!

Steroid/ lidocaine injections have helped some members, the time it lasts for does vary. It’s not a permanent solution, but can be helpful to know what symptoms are possibly being caused by ES.

Hey jules, the question is does it matter what kind? and i’m guessing it does. my ent told me for some it works for a long time, even 6 months with no pain for one patient and for the other it can be a few days…
it feels like theres not enough info…but im thinking about this option.
this site is the best data base there is

I would imagine it could make a difference what kind, but no-one has ever mentioned what they’ve been given, so we don’t have that detailed info I’m afraid. Trying steroid injections has been mentioned in some research papers, there might be some more detailed info on them, I must admit I always presumed that it was a fairly standard thing & that most docs would use the same medication, I live & learn!
Although having said that I know of several people who’ve had steroid injections for tendonitis, & were told that it works for some & not others, often the first seems to work fairly well, but second then not so well, when they’ve had the same injection?!

Where do they injection it in styloid process or stylohyoid ligament?

Usually in the tonsillar fossa area, I think.