Those that have had intraoral surgery

If you have a calcified ligament and an elongated styloid, are they one in the same? What I mean is the ligament calcification just an extention of the styloid and that is why it is "elongated" or are the two separate things?

Secondly, for those that have had intraoral surgery, will they remove the entire ligament and styloid in the same surgery? Can they get to the calcified ligament through intraoral or only the neck?


My doctor removed the entire ligament and about 2cms of the styloid bone. I feel great now except for an occasional ear pain/fullness but it may be another cause. I get a lot of migraines but I always have…and by occasional ear pain/fullness I mean since my surgery Dec 2013 maybe 3 times and compared to all the crazy symptoms I was having I’ll deal with that just fine. My surgery was intra-oral.

Hi Miria
Did you have bilateral or just had one side taken out?

I only had one side done. The right side was the only side giving me problems.

Thanks Miria. Interesting, this means the entire ligament can be removed on one side without problems. I assume you have calcification on the other side without a problem.