Styloid shape

My right ES is curved and poking the tonsil. The left one is long and feels like a skinny bone that goes from the roof of my throat behind the tonsil, to down into the throat. STRAIGHT down. I can run my finger from top of it to down into my throat (til I gag) The right one isnt like that at all. I read my notes from the first ENT and it said I dont have ES but I have calcified ligaments and left is worse than right. 75% calcified. :( What is this long straight bone? Why does it seem to come down and not from the back? The pix of ES Ive seen on the internet show those 2 lil bones that come from the back and then slightly curve downward. This is as if it comes down from the back of the roof of my mouth, the left of the uvula. I can literally feel both bones on either side of my throat in the back of my throat, behind the tonsils. Does this sound like ES or no? The 3rd ENT I met with said he will clip the ligaments and they will snap back, NO bone doesnt snap back. It needs removed right? Im so scared I have something else going on. Or am I crazy and this is ES? x