ES or not?

Sorry I’m new to site and has been trying to figure out how to post , this is another pic where I circled —white thing which I can’t figure out , could it be thick styloid? 

I was told I have hoyid bone disorder; my bone when moved, clicks; I also have some clicking on my right side when swallow, general discomfort and pain under my jaw. For those with hyoid disorder, can you share your stories, were you treated successfully and by who? Thank you kindly,


Thank you

The hyoid is the u shaped bone under the jaw… there is a ligament that can calcify and connect it to the styloid (what you circled). I am no expert but from personal experience, I had an elongated hyoid and thru 2 surgeries (oral one failed first) I now have 2/3 of the left horn of my hyoid removed, and your hyoid does possibly appear elongated and thick. To me the styloid does not appear Abnormally elongated (but that doesn’t rule out ES either). There also may be some calcified ligament but id ask someone here who’s seen a lot more of these than me.

The fact you have a doctor helping to diagnose you and do scans is a great start. I would suggest having a good discussion with the dr about what they see and what they can do for you. I wish, if I could go back to prior to my first surgery, that I had done more questioning. Really try to understand what they are seeing and then get a second opinion too!

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I think that the styloid does look a bit longer than average, & also thick too.
We have a list of doctors familiar with ES in the Doctors Info Section, the majority of doctors on the list do ES surgery rather than hyoid bone surgery, which is what most members have. I think that you could do with clarifying the CT, whether the hyoid bone processes are enlarged & whether the styloids are too. Did the doctor who diagnosed you offer surgery?
Sewmomma had surgery on the stylohyoid ligaments but from the hyoid up, you could search for her story.
Another member ‘notyouravg’ had hyoid bone surgery with a Dr Dewan at Stanford Hospital, Ca- nowhere near you though! Kaska also had hyoid bone surgery with Dr Brad deSilva, OSU Wexner Hospital, Ohio. They’re the only other ones I know of, maybe other members can chip in!


Thanks. I wish I had a doctor to help me but I am still searching, the doctor who diagnosed me with hyoid disorder did not really offer any options other than speech therapy. It is hard to find a good specialist

Dr Karni in Houston, TX did my surgery on my styloid and hyoid. I can’t say it was the easiest experience and there was some confusion (see last posts), but now that I’m recovering from 2nd surgery I can say I would recommend the dr and facility. I will update in a few weeks too.

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Here are the names of doctors in your state from our doctors’ list:

•Dr Jason Cundiff, Crystal Lake (Does intra-oral and external surgery)
•Dr Miloro , University of Illinois, Chicago 312- 996- 7640
•Dr Michiel Bove, Northwestern Medical Group, Chicago 312- 695- 8182
•Dr Urjeet Patel, Northwestern Medical Group, Chicago 312- 695- 8182