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Palo Alto, Ca
I have found a fabulous surgeon who is very knowledgeable, skilled and compassionate. I am from Oregon and chose Dr Damrose. My first surgery was June 26, 2019 on my left side. My second surgery was yesterday September 27, 2019. Both a great success!!!
Stanford Health Care ENT
Edward Joseph Damrose ENT
801 Welch Rd, Palo Alto, CA


Thanks for the info! Always good to have more doctors to add to the list!
Hope that you recover well from your surgery…gentle hugs :bouquet:

Hi there! Does anyone have any recommendations/info on surgeons in the Washington DC area for treating a calcified ligament? Thanks
Here’s a link to our up to date doctors list, hopefully that will help!

I saw Dr Damrose. The good: he ordered the CTV that showed my Styloid jugular compression. The bad: he said no one at Stanford could help me.

My styloids are not long. Dr Hepworth’s assistant said it’s their angle that’s the problem.

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Do you have ct pictures of your styloid? I’m curious what the angle looks like.

Im in portugal , north of country anyone know any good doctors nearby ?UK SPAIN IRELAND FRANCE ITALY
? and what is the golden standard for diagnosis of ES ?
thank you in advance

A CT of the head and neck is the best scan to show the styloids to get diagnosed. If you think you might have vascular ES then a CT with contrast would be helpful.
Here’s a link to the up to date Doctors List in the Doctors Info Section:
Doctor Lists – no discussion - Symptoms and Treatments / Doctor Information - Living with Eagle
There’s a couple in Italy, one in France, & a couple in the UK (Mr Axon & Mr Hughes) who would see a patient privately.
We don’t know of any in Portugal yet, hopefully you’ll get an answer to your post on the other discussion. Otherwise it’s worth seeing if you can find a Skull Base Surgeon or a Head and Neck cancer surgeon in your area?

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Shalom Jules,

I was going over the list of ES physicians and I noticed that my Otorhinolaryngologist, Dr. Greg Krempl is on the list from Oklahoma City, OK. At the time that I listed him, you had to have a “referral” to go to the OU Physicians because it is a University Hospital where they train physicians.

Since then, I don’t think that you have to have a “referral” anymore. I still see Dr. Krempl once a year to make sure everything is okay with me, But, if you could update the info on the list, please make the correction for me.

I am not computer savvy and I want to make sure people who are still suffering with ES to not be deterred from seeing someone in Oklahoma City. Thank you

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Thank you for the info, @Hadassa. We’ve referred a couple of people to Dr. Krempl recently, & they’ve had no problem getting an appointment w/ him. I will delete the info you requested.