Surgery 6 april in barcelona

do you know how long lasting inflammation ?
Do you know if it is possible to fly two days after the surgery ?


Do you mean swelling? That can last for several weeks. I don't know if it would be a great idea to fly 2 days after surgery, but I imagine it could be done - especially if the flight isn't very long. And if the doctor says it's ok. Are you talking about between Spain and France? That isn't a long flight I would imagine. I flew on a 5 hour flight about a week after a surgery and I was fine, so I would guess a short flight would be ok, but only after a doctor said it was all right. How are you?

Yes i mean swelling.
Yes it’s a flight of 2hours. The doc sais it was ok.

How i am? Not very fine. I have the sensation that the hard thing under m’y ear is still here. I have to wait the swelling go away to know if the surgery was the good thing to do.
I will keep you update.

I hope you can get some relief soon. Best wishes.

Hope that you heal quickly and find that the operation helps. Thinking of you...


I wanted to know how long after the surgery your surgeon told you to removed the surgical thread ?

I had soluble stitches so can't help with that one- would be best to ask your doctor about that one. Do you have a number you can ring for advice?

I've recently had my surgery in London on my right hand side, and it's been two weeks now. Feel a lot better but I do feel like the bottom of my neck is really swollen and inflamed although nothing noticeable from the outside.

When I had surgeries that had the surgical thread and was not able to go back to the doctor because of the distance, the doctor told me to wait until they came out on their own. I eventually (after a couple weeks I think) pulled them out when they were very loose and were just about to come out anyway.

Ok. Thanks. My surgeon told after a week. It was Just to know about you