Surgery booked with Dr Samji. Travel advice

I finally have a surgery date of September 20th with Dr Samji!! I was so impressed with his expertise and found him very easy to talk to. Interesting to hear his views on intraoral surgeries as well. I asked him if he had any “theories” or research on what causes ES and he said he feels strongly that there is a genetic component because he has treated many siblings and parents/children. He said he is applying to start a research study on this next year so that will be something to look out for!

I’m wondering if anyone can offer some travel advice? Specifically if anyone can recommend any Air BnBs around Los Gatos? I’ll need to be there for a week. Also, how is transportation around that area? I’m assuming easy enough for taxis/ubers? Or is a rental car a better idea? My husband will be with me and will likely want to explore a bit and get food for us etc…

To say I’m relieved to have made the decision to go with Dr Samji is an understatement and now the nerves are kicking as I start my surgery count down!


Hello Zoero
Good to hear about your surgery. I hope all goes well for you. Will you be flying in from Toronto ? You probably checked the most recent rules/restrictions with COVID and vaccine requirements to travel between Canada and the US and wondering what they are ? Would be nice if you could share please.
I think, if I’m not mistaken, it was @Snapple2020 who posted about her stay when she had to fly in for her surgeries. Accommodations and some other helpful info for your stay while receiving treatment. You might want to message her direct or wait for her reply. Please keep us posted on how things go with you. :pray:


I’ve sent you a PM w/ info about the Los Gatos area. :blush:


Hi Zoero,

Congrats on surgery date! Woo hoo. Interesting about the genetic component.
I highly suggest flying into San Jose airport vs San Francisco. Its a brand new airport and not crazy busy like SFO, not to mention puts you right info San Jose.

I rent a car when I have been there for 2 surgeries and my consultation however I hear car rentals are very high anywhere you go these days so it could be costly. Ubers or Taxi to Los Gatos might be pricy and I hear uber/lyft prices have gone up and take longer to pick up…that is a generally all around the country. If hubby wants to explore, rent a car. Taking an uber over the mountain to the beach in Santa Cruz isnt really realistic.

My first time there, I stayed at Los Gatos Garden Inn. Its kind of ecletic and old style motel right in downtown and walkable to all shops and food. I got a room with a kitchen. It was during COVID and was pretty cheap at the time…about $800 for the week. Im assuming it may not be that low now. The people were so very nice there. Not a 5 star hotel but it was clean and safe w free parking. Its all fenced.

The second time I was there I stayed at the Toll House, about 4 blocks from this 1st one. I got a special price and was upgraded to a nice suite (corner) on 3rd floor w a fireplace. About $1000 for the week. Much nicer in decor and atmosphere and not much more costly at the time. The restaurant and bar was closed due to COVID though. There is a nice brewery pub next door and a little hair salon where I went and had my hair washed a few days after surgery.

I really liked being right in Los Gatos. Its really an upscale place, safe and nice walking to all shopping and a walking trail that goes for miles along a river. The surgery center is about 2 miles away.

Isaiah lives in the area and knows all the good food places!

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Hi Aboulog1,
Yes I’ll be flying from Toronto, the restrictions right now are that you need a negative covid test before you board and when you arrive. You don’t need proof of vaccination status to enter the US, but to return to Canada if you aren’t fully vaccinated you have to stay in the mandatory 3-day hotel quarantine and get re-tested after 8 days. I’m fully vaccinated so I will need a negative test before I board the plane, and another one within 72 hours of returning to Canada but won’t need to quarantine when I come home. Dr Samji’s office also requires one to be done at the pre-op appointment. Hope that helps!

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Hi Snapple2020,
Thank you this is very helpful! I think we will likely rent a car so we have more freedom, hopefully we can get a good deal. I’ll check out the places you stayed :slight_smile:
Thanks again!

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Hello Zoero and thanks for the information. Safe travels to you and good luck with your treatment.

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You likely can get a cheaper hotel in downtown San Jose but its all business district and noisy and busy. Los Gatos is a quaint quiet little town. Up the road (about 1 mile) is another nice area called Saratoga I found one place with decent prices but I think only cuz of COVID. Its a pretty pricy area.
Alternately, you can check air bnb or VSBO over in Santa Cruz and the surrounding areas on the coast that would be close to the beach. I was alone and didnt want to drive around after surgery so i stayed closer in. Santa Cruz area isnt far from Los Gatos and reasonable place to set up shop for a week since you have your husband driving.

I checked out the places you stayed at for yours and unfortunately they are way out of my budget. I’m trying to find somewhere safe, cheap and close to amenities. I did find a couple of Air BnBs in the Campbell area. Now that you mention it though I will look at Santa Cruz and surrounding areas. We decided to rent a car for ease so that would work as well. I’m a little worried about the sudden spike in covid cases in this area however, the last thing I want is to get sick while I’m recovering!

Safe and cheap (as well as clean) may not go together in this general area. Campbell is a nice area to consider if you can get a good deal there. Santa cruz and surrounding areas by the beach are really doable. Although I hate to suggest it, if you want cheap, consider taking a look at Salinas. Its about an hour south of San Jose but still close enough to go to pre and post op appt and surgery as well as hubby can go visit Monterey / Carmel area which is close.

Good luck and keeping checking online pricing.

August is high season so you may not see low prices show up until after Sept 6th (labor day). If suggest booking something and then take a look again after Sept 6th. If vacancy rates go down, so will the prices.They almost always go down substantially after labor day.

As for COVID rates in area, I flew when (last year in April & Dec) they were peaked out but everything was in partial lock down and mask mandates. The flights were empty due to COVID as well so I really lucked out. The car rental people there are very COVID experienced. There was little contact. I brought my own wipes and sanitized the car myself. The public health dept in the bay area as well in this county are some of the best in CA and don’t hesitate to lock people down again. I liked the Los Gatos Garden Inn because it has separate entries for each room and large gated garden area and did not have to go thru a lobby to get to room. I didnt even have to go into lobby to check in. Keep that in mind when you choose a place if you are concerned about COVID. I suggest purchasing N95 masks for flying and in close quarters where alot of people. is a great place to get comfortable ones.

I am assuming you are vaccinated? If you are not, I would rethink traveling.

Ok perfect! Yes my husband and I are vaccinated with both shots. I’m a nurse so I have easy access to an N95 and plan on bringing a couple with me for the flights. I also have a pretty good idea about infection control practices given my line of work. We’ll be wearing masks for all indoor activities, which will really only be pre and post op, surgery and the occasional groceries. We’ll try and get food to go and using car rental will avoid sitting in a car/public transport with someone else.

I will definitely check rates after Labor Day, hopefully I will find a better deal!

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Glad that you have a date & not too long away…I hope that you can find somewhere not too expensive. Lots of info on here about what to expect after surgery if you’ve not already read up- just search for that & it’ll come up with lots of discussions.