Samji surgery planning

I had a consultation with Dr. Samji today, and he offered surgery. I’m pretty rattled by the potential complications of surgery, but his 85% success rate is very compelling. I went ahead and scheduled for August 22nd, and I can work out my nerves between now and then.

For those who know San Jose, where is a good place to stay? I think I prefer a hotel, and we collect Marriott points, but I’m open to options. I just don’t know which areas of town might be best.

Also, my flight is about 4 hours. What is the best way to ice my neck on a plane? The logistics seem somewhat complicated, but I’ll likely be flying home 5 days post op.

Thanks for any tips!

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Hi @Ladybug ~ I’m sending you a PM to answer your questions.

I’m sure that @Isaiah_40_31 will give you lots of advice, just wanted to link a previous discussion too:
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Obviously I hope that your surgery goes well & there’s lots of good info on here about what to get ready! Here’s another link:
Surgery shopping list - General - Living with Eagle
Thinking of you & those nerves :hugs:

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I really liked staying in Los Gatos as it was right next to nice many food places (they deliver too), walking trails, and quaint downtown. It is just down the road about 2 miles to Silicon Surgery Center.
I stayed at the Toll House Hotel in Los Gatos and really liked the convienence. It was doing COVID so their cafe and bar were closed but it is open now. Right next door is a small hair salon I went and had them wash and dry my hair a few days after surgery.
First time I stayed at the Los Gatos Garden Inn…not as nice decor wise but they did have some kitchenettes. Its high season so prices will be up. Both are very quiet location. I personally liked flying directly into San Jose airport as it was less crowded, brand new and easy to get around from vs San Francisco. YOU can get those ice packs that you squish to activate. Samji gives you prednisone and me personally, on Day 5-7, was able to take flight and travel of about 4-5 hours without ice. Stewards on plane would likely be helpful w. ice if you need it also. I booked my flight back as a disabled passenger as well…I didn’t need it but if you are alone, it doesnt hurt to get extra help. Good luck Lady bug!


Did he say if she removes the skyloid process all the way up to the skull base? And does he completely remove the ligament if it is calcified? Does he just clip it and let it hang? I can’t afford a consult with him so I’m curious. Does he do both sides at once?

He does remove the entire styloid and the ligaments whether they are calcified or not. He just does one side at a time.

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@kytblock -

I believe Dr. Hackman in North Carolina is the only doctor on our list who currently does bilateral ES surgery.