Surgery cancelled- afternoon prior to surgery -

I was suppose to have my second styloid removed this morning. Surgeon changed his mind yesterday. Said I only need one working IJV. Does not care that the other is intermittently 99% stenosed. Does not care that I cannot look down to read and that it can sound like I have train going through my head.
Totally Bummed Out!
Not sure if I can work. This was my only hope.


I am so, so, so sorry. I sent you a message. Do not give up. Sending you a hug my friend.


What? I don't know what to say. I am sorry.... this is such a let down....I like you and want you to feel better!!!!

Jeez, so many of these doctors don't understand our situation at all. How discouraging!

What is an IJV?

Thanks so very much for your support.
IJV is internal jugular vein.

That is horrible! I am so sorry, Ruth. It's crazy what they can expect you to live with. Sometimes I wish that you could just transfer your pain to the surgeon and see what he thinks about it then.

I am so sorry about your situation. It just blows me away how cold and uncaring surgeons are about their patient' s emotional state of mind and the physical pain of their conditions. You must feel like you had the door slammed in your face with no clear cut explanation. Please don't lose hope because you have to get relief from this ailment. I know there is help out there for you! Hang in there a bit longer! Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers,

With kind regards,



You are in my thoughts and in my deepest of prayers. I hope there is an alternative or another route you can travel to find another doctor.

The surgeon who cancelled on you ‘works for someone else.’ I’m sure that surgeon doesn’t own the hospital. Is there someone to whom you can complain? This is YOUR life Ruth. Sweetheart, this is your physical pain we’re talking about here. This is your life, your livelihood, your day to day existence; not some surgeon who decides to play God because a ‘round of golf needs to be played’ rather than do an operation on some lady. (Now obviously I don’t know why your surgery was cancelled and it’s wrong of me to be presumptuous but…) The ball CANNOT be dropped!!! (I’m not yelling at you with the BIG LETTERS :wink: !!! Just trying to encourage ya!) I struggled with pain for 20 years before I finally got my Eagles diagnosis so I’m a veteran of NOT GIVING UP :wink:

Keep pushing Ruth :slight_smile: It’s hard sometimes and sometimes it’s so bleak. But from the depths of conflict comes clarity and hope :sunny: There is a solution. We can help you find one :sunny: We’re here for you.

I’ll keep you in my kindest & most loving energies,
Amy Blue

In the long run, it is better you didn't have surgery with someone that didn't listen to you and respect you as a person. But it is very upsetting and discouraging. But there IS a doctor out there that will help you. But I know it is very hard to begin the hunt yet again. Especially after a bad experience. Be kind to yourself. Not your fault.

Thank you for the support. THe surgeon was really interested and did the left styloid a few months ago. Then he kept putting off the second surgery. Kept telling me to come back and he would think about it. finallly he said he would do it. I waited 6 weeks for the surgery date and at the last minute cancelled. In part due to a comment made by a colleague a year ok before the eagles was diagnosed. He said my symptoms were due to hearing loss!
If I lean my head against a chair back or bed I compress the jugular vein. I can hear all of the blood backing up in my dural sinus, my head feels like its about to explode and I feel unsteady and dizzy.

I agree with what Mary said.