Surgery date January 13th with Dr Hackman

I saw Dr Hackman on Tuesday, 12/20. He was amazing! He spent about an hour with me. He went over my scans, etc. I do have IJV compression bilaterally which I suspected but didn’t know for sure. He listens. Asks questions and listens to the answers. I’m not used to that. He explained why the TORS procedure wouldn’t be the best for me. I’m going with the external approach of the incision in front of the ear and on the neck bilaterally. He couldn’t guarantee anything as this is the condition of Eagles. I’ll be happy with removing the styloids so I can hold my head up straight and in the right position without styloids in the way and the pain around it. That will help with everything. I’ll be grateful for any other symptoms that go away. My surgery is January 13th.

@vdm I’m calling you out! Thank you! :heart:

@Isaiah_40_31 and @Jules thank you for moderating this forum. I would never have known about Dr Hackman or the reality of Eagles if it weren’t for this forum. 4 years of my life were spent searching. I came across Eagles in 2020 and dismissed it due to thinking you could clearly see a styloid on a lateral cervical. My new TMJ doc saw my panoramic X-ray from 2021 and said “you know you have an elongated styloid”. I literally hugged him and said “it’s Eagles!”. So I turned back to Eagles, full force and here I am.

Thank you for this forum. I don’t know what the results of the surgery will be. I do know the “suckers” (that’s what I call the styloids) will be taken care of (my mafia voice lol).

Thanks for listening to my journey so far.


So pleased for you that you have a date for surgery, and that you feel confident with Dr Hackman, great news! I’ll be praying that the surgery is successful for you :hugs: :pray:


@Danielle1 - I’m so glad your surgery is coming up so soon after your consult. It’s pretty amazing that it was scheduled less than a month later!!! I’m confident you’ll experience good recovery from many, if not all, of your symptoms over time. It’s so great to hear that he gave you the time you needed & explained why he’d prefer to do the external surgery. A doctor who communicates well is such a gift!

I’m putting your surgery date on my calendar & will be praying for you (& Dr. Hackman) that day in particular.

:gift_heart: :hugs: