Surgery date

Had my appointment with Dr Hernandez today got my surgery date which is Sept 14.


I’m so glad he’s agreed to do surgery. Sept. 14th will be here before you know it!! I’m putting your surgery date on my calendar so I can pray for you especially that day.



Ty isaiah ,We discuss the risksThe only thing is my bone is so long Dr Hernandez has too make the incision around my ear.I have seen people on here with just a incision on side of neck.But im fine with that.Thank you again

The upside of the incision being behind your ear is that your outer ear helps hide it & your hair can too depending on your hairstyle. :wink:

Great that you’re a candidate for surgery & it’s not too long away! Will be praying too :pray: :+1:

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Ty Jules. Dr Hernandez is a great doctor .Dr Hernandez explain my ct and showed me the area of concern .Dr Hernandez said it takes about 3 hours.Now im just worried about recovery time and pain after surgery .lol :pray::pray::pray:



Dr. Hernandez will Rx pain medication for you. We also recommend you ask for an Rx for a course of Prednisone as that will help a lot w/ post op swelling especially in your throat. Some doctors put a longer lasting steroid in the IV during surgery so the post op oral course of it isn’t necessary.

There’s tons of info here about what to expect after surgery (search “what to expect”) & suggestions for ways that can help you be more comfy (i.e. icing your neck - buying 2-3 gel ice packs are recommended so you always have a cold one, buying a wedge pillow to help you sleep w/ your head elevate - 30º of elevation is recommended). We’ll give you “the list” closer to your surgery date if you remind us. :hugs: