Surgery in a few days

Hello Everyone!

I’m excited nd anxious to say that I’m having my first ES Surgery in 4 days! I’m trying hard not to focus on the surgery but only for pain relief! I’ve even stopped the Lyrica so my pain will be increased right now as a motivator and my focus. Not sure if that makes any sense. I’m a little craZed right now :roll_eyes:.
I’m flying out tomorrow, Friday, and meeting Dr. Samji in California. I’m grateful that my insurance did finally approve surgery so at least I don’t have to worry about paying out of pocket.
I’ve been reading allot about what to expect after surgery but pretty anxious about pain level and outcomes. I have looked over the shopping list that was posted, that was wonderful! I will be going shopping for all of the soft foods and I’m aware of taking meds on time regardless of how I’m feeling.
At home I will have a wedge pillow and for economical reasons I got a baby boppy pillow, that I cannot figure out how to use it, LOL
I would be very grateful for any words of wisdom!!
I do read allot of the posts here, I just don’t comment much. I would be much more craZed without this site!!! I’m very grateful for you and your support!!

So glad the BIG day is almost here. I hope your experience is as good as mine was. Remember that recovery requires patience & listening to your body & doing what it asks & not trying to push through tiredness &/or pain.

Looking forward to hearing about your outcome!! My prayers are with you for your travels, surgery & recovery.


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Really pleased that it’ll soon be done! I understand easing up on the pain meds to remind yourself why you’re having the surgery; I was a bit like that, I did a pain/ symptoms diary to keep me focused!
Glad that you’re reading up about surgery to prepare yourself, sounds like you’ve done everything you can do. I second what Isaiah says- take it easy and don’t push yourself. Don’t worry too much about what others could or couldn’t do at the same stages of recovery- we’re all different and heal at different rates. (My two surgeries and recovery were very different!)
Best wishes to you, and God Bless- I’ll be praying for you! :tulip:

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Wishing you a successful surgery. Keep us posted on your recovery. :smiley:

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Thanks Jules! It helps too knowing I’m not too crazy with my thought process! I appreciate your thoughts nd prayers very much!! 2 more days :sweat_smile:

2 more days after years of pain nd problems! Thanks for your prayers!! Talk to you soon!!! Hugs! :rose::grinning:

Thanks!!! :grinning:

Wishing you the very best of luck on your surgery LaughingRock2! I too am flying to San Jose to have surgery with Dr Samji on Nov 6, so I will be looking forward to any comments you can provide. I too am a bit crazed and worrying about having to change planes and dealing with the post-surgery while I am still in California. Sure is hard to do it from afar isn’t it? My thoughts and prayers are with you for an easy surgery and recovery. :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

Heating pads will be your friend
Follow your doctors instructions closely
Did your doctor tell you to stop the Lyrica?
If not get back on it.
There will be post sergical pain so plan to take it easy for a few weeks after

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Gina, don’t worry! Dr. Samji is one of the nicest, kindest, thorough Drs that I’ve ever met!! The pre op nd post op nurses at the Silicon Valley Surgery Center are incredible! They are gentle and understanding! They didn’t rush me or make me feel panicked!!
My big suggestion is if you get a regular hotel room then get a double room so whoever is with you can relax too plus have a kitchenette. I got a VRBO nd it was wonderful to have space, plus more economical!! Read the shopping list and definitely stick to soft foods!! Pudding. Jello. Yogurt. Oatmeal. Get straws! Also, reusable ice packs. A couple nd I didn’t bring a heating pad but wish I did for the muscle tightening in my upper back. I hope this helps! I’ll answer any other questions you have!

I’ve been using ice for my neck but would have liked a heating pad for my upper back where the muscles tightened up. Ugggh but my husband made one with the wash cloth nd microwave which helped.

Glad that it’s over for you, and hope that you soon feel the benefits of surgery! God Bless :two_hearts: