Surgery is done

After many weeks, I spend with thinking about my future, I finally decided to follow Michaels advice to go in contact with Dr. Heim in Bonn. He responded immediately. After an appointment there in february we scheduled the surgery for April the 10th. And it’s done!!! I’m so proud to have dared this. But the whole team of the doctors in Bonn made it very easy for me to feel safe and it was the best decision, I ever made!!! They are very very competent and interested in each ones cases and the surgery went perfect! They do it very carefully and 2 days after surgery I was allowed to go home. They cut off the elong. Styloid bone almost directly near the skull base and the only problems, I’m having now, is a little pain in swallowing und a numb ear. Ofcourse the wound, where the cut is, still hurts a bit. But in the summery it’s a great result. All my issues are gone! And who really needs a feeling in the auricle? I don’t… :smile: if anyone needs a surgery in Germany, I highly recommend Bonn!!! My surgeants were Dr. Heim and Dr. Martini!!!


Awesome to read this!

Did they remove your stylohyoid ligament, too?

You probably know this anyway, but take it easy the first two to three weeks. :slight_smile:

All the best!

That’ s the hardest part for me, Michael :sweat_smile: but I’ll try!!! No they left the ligament inside…

I’m SOOOOO glad to hear you were able to have surgery, cookie!! I know this was a difficult decision for you w/ your husband being so ill. When you heal, you’ll have lots of energy to help him & to raise your children. I will be praying your recovery is smooth & quick. Don’t be alarmed if you start feeling good then have a day or two of pain again. Healing is a process with good days & bad days. It will take 6-8 weeks for you to feel perfectly back to your “old self”.
:blush: :heart:

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Thank you for your words!!! But first of all, when you have been always there for others, there comes a day, I had to help myself. It wasn’t an opinion anymore to wait much further, probably for years! So happy, that I found this great hospital!!!

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That’s great news, Cookie! Really glad that it’s gone well & hope that you soon recover…
The numb ear will hopefuuly subside soon- it can take quite a while for nerves to heal, so don’t worry about it. But I would guess that you’d rather have numbness than pain anyway, I know that I did!
God Bless & hugs to you :hugs: :bouquet:

So glad you did decide it was your turn & you took care of you!

Well done for going through.Hope you make a speedy recovery. X

I’m happy to hear that your surgery went well. I had surgery the same day and they sent me home the same day (in the U.S.) Best wishes!

Many thanks for your kind words!!! Well, I should have been warned of becoming thoughtless. It went so well and I only needed pain killers at the day of the surgery, what’s pretty less!!! but so I forgot to cool!!! :roll_eyes: It hurts a bit more today and I’m lying down with an ice pack…

but it looks good, I think :blush:

That looks really need, & don’t imagine it’ll show once healed. I’m almost disapointed mine doesn’t- it’d be a good conversation starter to spread the word about ES.
Take it easy!

Yes indeed Jules, more conversation about ES is very needed, especially among doctors! :wink: do I read correctly, that your scar didn’t heal???

I think what Jules meant is that her scar did heal well but a scar would have been a conversation starter.

Your incision does look very good! Days 3-5 post op are when your swelling will be the worst & you’ll have the most pain. Ice is good & keeping to your pain meds schedule is important. Sleeping w/ your head very elevated - almost sitting - will also help for the first 2 weeks or more.

No, it healed really well, doesn’t show at all! I wouldn’t have minded having a war wound to show for it!!

:smile::smiley::wink: how sweet!!!

HI @cookie, I know you did this surgery a while back but I’ve been in contact with Dr. Heim. I haven’t gotten some answers I need before I take the plunge and he’s far from me and it’s quite complicated/impossible for me to go without help but we have sick dogs and no one to care for them, etc. I need to get an idea of how much all this costs with the hospital stay etc. I don’t know if the French system will every reimburse me and I don’t have a lot of money. You said you were out in 2 days. Do you have post op follow and what was the plan if there were complications esp. since you don’t live in Bonn I think? Thanks so much. Hope you are still doing great.

Poor you, hard when life is so complicated, I hope that your dogs get better & you find someone to help with them…

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